Why We Bring School With Us On Our Once a Month Camping Trips


We go camping ALOT (once or twice a month to be exact). When we go on our family camping trips we always bring a school subject with us to work on. I have had some questions after posting some of our camping photos. Most of our camping photos involve hiking, swimming, cooking, eating, playing, more hiking, more […]

How to Make Pinecone Fire Starters


Homemade Pinecone Fire Starters are so easy to make! Take a walk around your neighborhood and collect a bucket of pinecones for an inexpensive fire starter. This tutorial has step-by-step instructions and great pictures to show you exactly how to do it!Click here to make your own fire starters! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? […]

FREE Printable Camping Lapbook


Camping is a seriously great way to vacation! It’s affordable and a great way for humans to reconnect with nature. Homeschoolers can incorporate learning and nature study into their family time and fun with this free, printable Camping Lapbook! It can be completed in anticipation of an upcoming camping trip, during the trip, or afterwards. Click […]

FREE Printable Camping Fun Learning Pack


Many homeschoolers will be wrapping up their school year and going on vacation in the coming weeks. If you’re one of these families, you know how hard it can be to keep your children focused on schoolwork. However, with this free, printable Camping Fun Learning Pack, you can do it! Take their excitement for the upcoming fun and […]

A Year of Camping – How I plan and prepare for monthly camping trips with my family

A Year of Camping: How I plan and prepare for monthly camping trips with my family

There is nothing like quality time with your family, unplugged from distractions and enjoying the outdoors together.Our family went through a rough patch awhile back. There were a lot of changes that happened all at once. Life was overwhelming with a lot of things needing to be balanced. I noticed that we were so busy […]

FREE Camping Unit Study and Printables for Middle School


I love finding freebies that are created specifically for Middle School ages! Fall is the perfect time to go camping here in Florida. The bugs have mostly all gone away and you don’t have to worry about mosquitoes and humidity! If you are planning on camping this Fall with your family, consider doing a fun, […]