Escape Survival Mode with the Take Charge Collection


Day-to-day survival mode can be a griiiiind. It’s time to escape it! The Take Charge Collection of 15 free resources helps readers to simplify, organize, and take charge of their lives! This free download is jam-packed with resources for family, physical health, mental health, and spiritual health, so that readers can start living life on their terms […]

20 FREE Printable Busy Bags


What mom doesn’t love busy bags? Busy bags are life savers, especially for my ‘busy’ son. He gets to pick which themed bag he wants to take, which gives him some ownership and motivation to use them. Busy bags are self-contained little activities that kids can do independently (I said independently, YES!) during quiet time […]

Adding Music to an Already Full Homeschool Day


No matter how much stuff we pack into our homeschool days, there’s always something that I feel got left behind. Was it music? Poetry? Constitutional literacy? It really depends on the day. Check out these easy ways to easily incorporate Music into your busy homeschool schedule.Click here to add music! Need An Affordable Approach to […]

Freebie- Scavenger Hunts For All Occasions


Do your kids get bored waiting at the doctors office or grocery shopping? Do you want to occupy your kids while stuck indoors or at a family get-together? Do you want your kids to get excited about going to the park or taking a walk in the forest? Check out this new freebie- Scavenger Hunts for […]