Ladybug Life Cycle


Ladybugs are such a great bug to study. Not just because it is easy to find plenty of are running around outside but because children genuinely love learning about them. In this packet, your young learner will learn all about a ladybug’s life cycle through various learning materials.   Head over to Living Life and Learning […]

Ant Life Cycle Multiplication Cards


Multiplication can be a very difficult math concept to teach. One of the ways that we can succeed in this is by making the process interesting. These ant life cycle multiplication card could do just that if you have a young bug lover in you life. Snag your copy of these adorable multiplication cards HERE. Need […]

FREE Printable Outdoor Adventure Bug Hunt


This free printable Bug Hunt outdoor adventure can be used as you head outside to explore a few new things about your child’s favorite insects. This is so fun, because you can use any bug book then use the printable Bug Hunt to draw and record some of the insects your child finds on the scavenger hunt. You can […]

FREE Printable Bug Notebooking Pages


When it comes to entomology, little scientists need to make observations and take notes. These Bug Notebooking Pages are free printables for kids to use while learning about insects! Isn’t this such a great printable? Click here to check out this freebie! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our […]

FREE Printable Insects & Bugs Activity Placemats


I’m not a fan of creepy-crawlies, but on paper, insects and bugs can look awfully cute. Enjoy these free, printable Insects & Bugs Activity Placemats with your young learners. There are four different placemats with word searches, traceable word practice, and more!Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save […]

25 Kid-Friendly Insect Activities


Do you have a kid that loves bugs? Roll out the red carpet for the creepy-crawlies and let your him enjoy these 25 Kid-Friendly Insect Activities. Don’t worry…most of them don’t require real bugs! There’s all kinds of unit studies, life cycles, and printables to enjoy!Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach […]

FREE Printable Sight Words Bug Game


Bugs have never been so fun as they are with this free, printable Sight Words Bug Game. It’s perfect for kindergarteners or children that are learning to recognize sight words. If your child gets bored with reading words from a list, you can make reading time more fun with these adorable printables.Click here to download […]