Build a Bug Craft


Spark a fire of creativity in your children with this fun Build a Bug Craft! With a simple package of construction paper and glue sticks, your children can get lost in their world of imagination as they thoughtfully create bugs. They’re adorable and there are many different styles to create. There are lots of pictures […]

All About Bees Unit Study with FREE Printable Lapbook


Bees are more than just a cute summer insect! They are important for the world’s food supply. You can study the bees in your homeschool with this All About Bees Unit Study. The free, printable lapbook is fantastic and will bring some fun to the study. Please note that there are other printables listed at […]

FREE Printable Insect Collection


I am a wimp when it comes to bugs and creepy-crawlies. This business about collecting bugs, picking them up and examining them, etc. is beyond my pay grade. Sometimes I don’t even want to touch the page that a picture of a bug is on. Don’t judge me…I have other strengths. But, honestly, the bug collection […]