FREE Printable Synthesis of Botany Classification Cards


There is so much information that is to be learned when studying botany. How can a student keep it all straight? These free, printable classification cards can help! It includes a plant kingdom chart, impressionistic botany charts, and freeform classifying cards. Simple, yet helpful!Click here to continue reading at and to access this FREE offer! […]

Life Cycle of a Plant FREE Printable Pack

PlantLifeCycle (1)

There is so much to learn about the life cycle of a plant, and it’s really a part of science that kids can wrap their minds around. With just a few seeds and this free printable pack, you can share the joy of gardening with your child! The printable pack includes sequencing cards, coloring pages, […]

FREE Printable Plant Cell Pack


Most science books have decent illustrations and drawing, but you can make learning about the cell of a plant more hands-on. Your child will thank you for downloading and printing this free Plant Cell Pack. It has a coloring page, a crossword puzzle, a word spiral, and places to label cell parts and their functions. All […]

FREE Printable Life Cycle of a Plant Pack


For those of you that are neck-deep in winter weather, here is a freebie that can bring you a little hope and excitement! Dream about springtime with this free, printable Life Cycle of a Plant Pack. It includes sequencing cards, coloring pages, labeling charts, and worksheets. It would be wonderful to study this pack with […]

FREE Parts of a Flower Clipart, Worksheets, Charts and Notebooking Pages


Are you learning about flowers or studying botany this year? I love all of these freebies! These simple and cute labeling worksheets, charts and flower notebooking and coloring pages will be a great addition to a botany study with your little ones. I love creating fun unit studies with freebies like this! Download your FREE […]

Learning About Plant Cells – FREE Printable Pack


If you are learning about plant cells, be sure to grab this FREE printable pack from Only Passionate Curiosity.It includes:Plant cell coloring pagePlant cell labelingPlant cell parts and their functionsDefine parts of a plant cellCross WordWord SpiralGET IT HERE Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning online homeschool […]

Free Printable Garden Preschool Pack


This pack is all about growing flowers! This is the perfect time of year to learn about gardening and growing flowers. This pack is great for a preschool or toddler age child to learn about gardening, counting, sequencing, and more. More than 15 pages of fun educational activities that require little prep work, for FREE from […]