Boredom Jar – 60 Activities to Entertain Children with FREE Printables


Many co-ops have already met for the last time this school year, and the rest of us are doing are best to hurry and finish up the last lesson. Moms, you know what’s coming next, right? “I’m bored!”Prepare for summer boredom by creating a Boredom Jar. Here are 60 activities that can be printed up, […]

20 Educational Boredom Busters


Reportedly, it’s good for our children to get bored. It forces them to be creative and to explore their own passions. But if you’re at the end of your rope because you’ve heard, “Mom, I’m bored!” for the 7ooth time, consider one of these 20 Educational Boredom Busters. I especially love the Snack Time Checkers […]