FREE Book Summary Chart Printable


Do you have a teen that struggles with keeping track of what they are reading? Some books can be quite large, and full of characters that sometimes they can be hard to follow.Maybe you have a teen that doesn’t enjoy reading, or that gets sidetracked easily and has a hard time remembering all of the […]

FREE Matchbook Chapter Summaries for Novels


This is one of the neatest things I have ever seen! This is a simple, yet fun project that your older kids can complete after they have finished reading a book. It’s like an interactive lapbook style book report! Each chapter is summarized in a little matchbook style flap book. I think this would get […]

FREE Printable Form For Middle School Book Reports


Are you having your middle schooler do book reports this year? This is a simple book report form that is good to use for ALL books! There are three different versions that cover the same basic questions:Main CharactersSettingSummary for each chapter ( Main Events, Problems, Ideas, Etc:)Beginning and Ending EventsFavorite Part of BookPersonal Connection Download your FREE […]