FREE Printable Living Science Books List


This is, literally, the biggest list of living science books I have ever seen. Grab this huge printable science book list for your homeschool. This list has over 50+ living books to read to your children that your whole family can enjoy throughout the years. The books fall under multiple categories and have different age […]

Free Beginner Reading Book List


Children all learn at different stages, and not every child will learn to read at six! It can be so helpful to show patience and not push a child just to please the grandparents, or the people in your life who are negative against homeschooling. When you wait and let a child learn at their […]

FREE Printable Book List


I think that every homeschooling mama has a deep love for books. We may have different tastes – fiction, non-fiction, historical, suspense, romance, Amish, etc. – but we value them and never feel like we have enough. That being said, how many books do you actually take time to read? I’m not talking about previewing […]

Free Printable List of 50 Alphabet Books for Preschoolers

Books - Alphabet IG

I love using books to introduce and reinforce concepts in my homeschool. Teaching the alphabet is just one of the many topics that lends itself to a huge collection of themed books.┬áTara, at Homeschool Preschool, has collected a fabulous list of 50 alphabet-themed books that are perfect for preschoolers and beginning readers. There are many […]

100 Books You Should Read by the Time You Turn 20 Printable List


Do you have a teen that needs to start reading more? You may want them to check out this list! This list of books was chosen by teens and for teens. There was a specific criteria each book must follow to be put on this list. I love how it is broken down by genre, […]