Motivate your Kids with a FREE Printable Reward Chart


Setting up a reward system with specific guidelines helps reward good behaviour. This would mean that your children will be encouraged to exhibit the good character qualities you want them to have. Motivating your kids with a reward chart is the way to go. Rewarding the good can be difficult, but it is worth every […]

ADHD And The Middle School Years


Learn about ADHD and the middle school years from a mom’s perspective. The struggles kids face in middle school are real and tough, but with ADHD, they only intensify. The middle school years are a time of significant change for all children. Cognitive maturation, physical changes and puberty, coupled with increasing social expectations and requirements can make […]

Seven Ways to Help Little Ones Behave in Church


Sometimes we just need some specific ways to help our little ones behave in church. Whether your children sit in church with you or whether they go to children’s church, there is bound to be a time when you will need them to know how to behave in church. It can get so overwhelming when the kids […]

FREE Printable Calm Down Tools Mini-Book


Children need to be trained to behave properly, because – while we love them dearly – parents can recognize that this doesn’t come naturally for most kids. There are several ways to teach your child acceptable behavior, and this free, printable mini-book will explain options to respond to external conflict. There is an instructional video that […]

FREE Printable Tattling or Telling Chart


Sometimes I’m lecturing talking to my children about how to treat one another and I’m thinking, “Do I need to spell this out for them?” Maybe I do. Maybe an eye-catching, visual reminder will help to reinforce behavior that is desirable. It’s as if this free, printable Tattling or Telling Chart is saying, “Here’s what […]