FREE Critical Thinking Essay Questions About History 1850-1899, Volume 2

FREE Critical Thinking Essay Questions About History 1850-1899, Volume 2

Challenge your students to think critically about history with these essay questions. A brief overview of five major events and topics of the 1860s – the Māori  in New Zealand, advancements in chemistry, Canadian confederation & the sale of Alaska, the south-to-north race across Australia, and the US transcontinental railroad & the Suez Canal – is given, followed by essay […]

Learning About the Continents FREE Printables and Resources: Australia


This is the last post in our Learning About the Continents Series. Are you working on learning the 7 Continents in your homeschool? I thought it would be fun to put together an entire series that covers each continent with links to free printables, unit studies, resources and ideas for that specific continent.This week’s continent […]

70 Australian Animals Resources: Printables, Crafts & MORE!

If you're studying Australian Animals, check out these great resources! From printables to crafts to books to recipes and more! ::

Australia is one place I dream of visiting one day. I would love to have the money to take my entire family, but right now that is a distant dream. However, one of these days…maybe my husband and I can take a trip just the two of us.In the meantime, we can study some fascinating and amazing […]

FREE Printable Australian Animal Fact Worksheet


This free, printable Australian Animal Fact worksheet would be a perfect compliment to an Australian unit study! I have a friend who just got back from a one-year stay in Australia, and to hear her tell of all the animals she encountered…well, you’d think she had lived at the zoo! So, whether you have an animal-lover or […]

Date Dash Australia History Card Game

Date Dash Australia Printable Card Game

In what year did Western Australia become the third British colony in Australia? In what year did the first McDonald’s open in Australia? Welcome to Date Dash Australia, the multiple choice card game that tests your knowledge of Australian history! The game includes two levels. Level One tests general knowledge of Australian history. Level Two tests more […]

FREE Animals Of Australia – Vocabulary Memory Game


FREE Printable Animals Of Australia Vocabulary Memory Game is a fun way to practice vocabulary! This latest FREE Kids Printable from Little Learning Lovies, made exclusively for Homeschool Giveaways, is sure to be a hit with your little learners. Early readers, who can sound out a few letter sounds together, can find great success with this […]