FREE Pilgrims Poetry & Art Study


Are you searching for a seamless method of integrating poetry and art study into your homeschool? Check out this complete copywork, poetry, and art study from Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood! This study includes… A poem that reinforces U.S. history and the founding principles of America. A simple introduction to the English grammar concept of prepositions A […]

Carolus Linnaeus FREE Unit Study and STEAM Activity + FREE Printable Unit Planner


Learn about the art and science of Carolus Linnaeus with this fun and free unit study. Art and science work well together and studying this artist is a good link in between the two. Carolus Linnaeus perfected this link, between art and science, over 100 years ago. Learn more about his work with this awesome […]

How to Have a Charlotte Mason Artist Study During Friday Tea Time


One of the glories of homeschooling is that we get to do things our way. Whatever brings you joy and whatever works best for your family – these are some of the criteria with which we base our schooling decisions. It’s no surprise then that we can incorporate tea time into an artist study. Here’s […]

Giotto: A FREE Charlotte Mason Picture Study Aid


The Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling has such a gentle, lovely way of introducing children to art. Simply show them the work of art and allow them to observe and enjoy it. Doesn’t that take such a load off of your back, Mom? I can tell you from experience that it makes art study an […]

Art Appreciation For The Young Child with FREE Printable


In our early years of homeschooling, art study was such a joy! Now that my kids are in middle and high school, our studies are more academic in nature. But those early years…sigh…it was such a pleasure to sit together on the couch and look through a book of Monet’s or Norman Rockwell’s paintings. These […]

FREE James McNeill Whistler Art in August!


James Whistler was an artist during the Guilded Age in the late 1800s. Though born to American parents, he was primarily based in the UK. He is known for being a big believer in “art for art’s sake,” and he commonly drew parallels between music and his art, often calling his works “harmonies, “arrangements,” “symphonies,” […]

FREE Women Artists of the Renaissance Printables


Do you make time for art study in your homeschool schedule? It only takes a few minutes, but it’s a terrific way to sharpen your children’s observation skills as well as learn about the artists of the world. This free Women Artists of the Renaissance printables is different and interesting…a nice twist on the typical […]