FREE Perimeter and Area Activities


If you will be exploring area and perimeter in your homeschool math unit this year, then hold on to this four-page printable to go alongside your curriculum. The activities cover multiple levels of perimeter and area problems, including finding basic perimeter and area, finding missing side lengths, story problems, and multi-part problems. Answer keys are […]

FREE Printable Area & Perimeter Worksheet


Anything we can do to liven up the learning experience for our children, the better! So, combining cheese crackers with area and perimeter is pure genius! (Not gonna lie…I love me some cheese crackers.) Put a smile on your student’s face with a handful of crackers and this free, printable Area & Perimeter Worksheet.Click here […]

FREE Units of Area Conversion Table and Practice

Conversions in Math-Measuring Area

Do you measure in square feet or in square meters? Can you convert between the two?  Give your students practice converting from English to metric measurements and back again with this free math printable. It contains conversion tables and seven activities with dozens of problems, plus an answer key. Download this free math printable today!Instant Download: […]

FREE Area and Perimeter Printables


These adorable, printable worksheets will really help your homeschooler to visualize the concepts of area and perimeter. They’ll help the little doggy enclose his yard with a fence using grid paper. Check it out!Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning online homeschool […]