Creation Audios and Videos for All Ages


Creation audios and videos have been great ways for our family to really learn about about the Creator, and how to defend their faith, even against evolution statements. Audios and videos seem to help my homeschool retain information better, so I am excited about these. Learning about Creation is important to their walk with Christ and […]

How to Help Your Teens with a Biblical Worldview


Applying scripture to our every day lives is one of the most important things that we can teach our teens. When they know and understand the scriptures, and apply them to everyday situations, they can make a great impact in their community and in our world. Raising my kids in a Christian homeschool, we are constantly […]

FREE Printable Logic Self-Taught Workbook


Logic as a homeschool subject is a wonderful tool that helps our children develop a method of reasoning. There are store-bought curriculums available, but here’s one available to you for free! There are 20 units in all and they cover several topics including statements, truth-value, validity, formal proofs, and much more!Click here to download your free printables! […]

FREE Apologetics Presentations for Highschool


Have you been wanting your older students to start thinking about what they believe and why? Studying Apologetics will help them with just that!7 Sisters Homeschool has over 20 FREE Apologetic Presentations available to download:Here are some of the topics that are available:Apologetics 101God vs. DagonBulla Boys (Jeremiah)Tel Dan SteleBlue StarsBelshazzarThe Importance of Olive PitsGhosts […]