FREE Printable Role Playing with the American Revolution


If you’re studying the American Revolution in your homeschool this year, you’d be hard-pressed to find an activity as good as this one. It artfully illustrates to the students why the colonists were tired of taxation without representation, and it uses cue cards and candy. Let’s be honest…anything with candy is going to be a […]

American History and Art Appreciation Collide with this FREEBIE


You have probably heard the story of Paul Revere’s midnight ride during the American Revolution, thanks to the poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, but did you know that Paul was also a very talented silversmith, engraver, and artist? It’s true! This month you can incorporate American History with your art appreciation when you get this […]

American Revolution FREEBIE

People of the American Revolution

Don’t miss this limited time freebie for middle schoolers and high schoolers! 94 pages of facts, quizzes, activities, quotes, puzzles, and notebooking pages explore the lives of both famous and lesser-known individuals from the American Revolution. Rediscover this important time in American history, learn about the sacrifices of forgotten patriots, and consider the impact their […]

FREE Battles of the American Revolution Worksheet

battles of revolution

Are your older kids learning about the American Revolution this year? This worksheet is a map of the Revolutionary War battles. Use the map to learn more about the battles that followed after the “first shot heard around the world”.Download your FREE Battles of the Revolution Worksheet HERE. Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save […]

FREE American Revolution Unit Study and Printable Lapbook


Are you considering studying the American Revolution in your homeschool? This free American Revolution Unit Study and Printable Lapbook is your ticket to a wonderful learning experience! The information is extensive and the pictures are beautiful! You will capture your child’s immediate attention with this lovely study of American history.Click here to download your free […]

History Bingo Bundle on Sale!

History Bingo Bundle on Sale

SAVE over 50% and have fun with history this summer with these printable bingo games! Each one includes thirty-six trivia questions, fifteen bingo cards, and one-hundred twenty-six marker tokens. Several variations are provided so the game can easily be adapted for children from preschool through age ten. Just print, prep, and play!From exploration to the […]

FREE-A Spy for General Washington Board Game

A Spy for General Washington Board Game

A Spy for General Washington Board Game tests your knowledge of the American Revolution with 255 questions about this key point in history. In this game, you are a spy for the American patriots during the Revolutionary War. Your mission is to collect thirteen key pieces of information and deliver them safely to General Washington’s […]

Revolutionary War Activities for Kids Free Combo Pack


Would you like to help your children learn and remember why the United States was founded, what the Founding Fathers stood for, and key facts about the Revolutionary War–all while having fun? This combo-pack of Revolutionary War Activities for Kids from can help you do just that. In Patriotic Copywork, you’ll find twenty quotes […]