How to Teach Alphabetizing in Your Homeschool


Learn how to teach alphabetization with these useful hands-on activities and tips. Alphabetizing is an essential literacy skill that we use throughout our lifetime. I realized how important it was when reading these tips and thinking about just how much we use alphabetization in our daily lives. We use it anywhere from searching contacts on our phones or […]

Free Alphabetizing Packet


In this Interactive Learning Packet, your child will use reading and alphabet skills in addition to cutting and pasting to help them hone their alphabetizing abilities. Instead of relying solely on traditional learning skills such as reading, writing, and listening, an Interactive Learning Packet requires one or more actions on the part of your child. […]

FREE Printable “Alphabet-O” Word Game


Alphabetizing can be a difficult skill to learn. Let’s face it – adults often have to run through half the alphabet to figure out if “l” comes after “k” or “m!” Needless to say, this free, printable Alphabet-O Word Game is a fun, challenging game to sharpen the whole family’s alphabetizing skills!Click here to download your […]