FREE Lesson on Exponent Properties


This exponent properties lesson introduces students to four of the most commonly used properties and helps students understand why they are true. Memorizing rules is essential to learning at times, however it’s important that these Algebra facts be taught in a way that is logical and makes sense to our kids. This free lesson is simple […]

FREE Math Help


Checkout this amazing resource with an endless amount of math lessons in Algebra, Geometry, Trig, Calc, Stats and much more. This site has more than forty free, lessons on each subject in various topic areas for each subject. Go through all the subjects and see if there is any topic you’re looking for. This is a great resource […]

FREE Printable Order of Operations Pumpkin Puzzles


The algebraic order of operations can be complicated and off-putting for some students. Lighten things up a bit with these cute pumpkin puzzles and give your algebra student some extra practice. They are a lot like a flash card, only they’re much more festive!Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable Approach to […]

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Let me say up front that this freebie has over 60 pages of materials! Ranging from teddy bear counting pages and number lines to fraction circles and algebra tiles, this Mega Math Learning Pack has it all! You’ll find everything you need to support a successful math education!Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable […]

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FREE Absolute Value Doodle Notes


Do you teach Algebra? If you’re looking for a new and engaging way to help students focus and retain what they’re learning, check out doodle notes. This free set covers Absolute Value Equations and combines text and examples with visual cues. This will help students remember what they’re learning and have better success later as […]

The Distributive Property – Cupcakes and Algebra FREE Lesson Plans


Before your kids can learn the mathematical definition and how to use the Distributive Property you need to make sure they have an everyday definition and understanding of the word distribute. This sweet lesson plan uses cupcakes to explain how the Distributive Property works. If you don’t have an actual Algebra class you are teaching you […]

FREE 12 Days of Christmas Math Printables

Christmas gift boxes on wooden table with snow. Top view with copy space

Are you looking for some fun ways to weave math into your holidays this December? This completely free “12 Days of Christmas Math” email series includes a variety of math topics for Kindergarten through Algebra. This set of Christmas themed math printables includes brain teasers, board games, and practice worksheets covering all sorts of important […]

FREE Printable Place Value Activity


Most students are introduced to algebra in the elementary grades. The sooner they can understand what an equation is and that both sides must be equal, the easier start they’ll have in the subject. This free, printable activity will help your child understand place value and expanded form – building blocks of algebra. This activity also helps […]

Free Exponent Properties Lesson


If your child is working on Algebra skills, you will love this easy to use lesson on exponent properties! This will help them understand 4 common exponent properties in a way that makes sense, rather than memorizing rules. Included in the download are teaching tips, a student handout and answer keys. Need An Affordable Approach […]