FREE Real Life Addition and Subtraction Lesson


Worksheets are an easy go-to for good decimal practice, but finding real life math lessons that your kids can relate to are a little harder to find. This free “What is for lunch?” math lesson is something your kids can put into practice daily. It uses/teaches skills they actually need to know. They totally can […]

Back to School Addition Puzzles


If you are reviewing addition facts or introducing the concept your children will love these puzzles! Not only will these help your children learn their addition facts but it makes for a great worksheet alternative. Head over to Living Life and Learning to grab your free Addition Puzzles! Learning Resources Pop For Addition & Subtraction GameLearning […]

Fun Ways to Learn to Add and Subtract


Explore fun ways to learn to add and subtract with hands-on math fact games for kids. You can truly make learning addition and subtraction math facts more fun in a non-traditional way. Math facts and skills are very important, however teaching them to kids can make us use an overload of worksheets for practice. We all know […]

FREE Preschool Math Printables


We can never run out of math printables to make learning math fun in our homeschool. Don’t miss out on these free preschool and kindergarten math printables with activities for counting, measurement, addition and much more. Many of the activities include sensory items that will help make connections in your child’s brain to build on […]

FREE Real Life Math Lesson- Adding and Subtracting Decimals


This free real life math lesson will help you teach your kids to add and subtract decimals. This open-ended lesson will challenge kids in a real-world concept that they can apply daily. Kids will be highly engaged in this lesson, because it’s so relevant and real. This resource comes with colorful, free printables and awesome teaching […]