FREE Printable Dictionary Skills Practice


Download this free worksheet for your young learner to practice dictionary skills. This freebie includes skills to practice ABC order and using guide words. The ABC order practice helps your child arrange the words in the word bank in ABC order. If completed correctly, the practice produces silly sentences for your kids to enjoy. Your child will also […]

FREE Spelling Practice Printables


In the days of spell check and auto-correct, do we even need to know how to spell anymore? YES! Being confident in spelling leads to confidence in all aspects of literacy. Spelling helps cement the connection between sounds and letters. It is the building block for literacy!These printables are a simple solution to making easy, […]

FREE Christmas Tree Letter and Sound Match Printables


I love these cute Christmas trees for working on letter sounds and alphabet order with your little ones.There are so many different things you can do with these Christmas tree matching cards. You can laminate them and pull them out every Christmas for fun games and sorting and matching activities. They can sort them in […]