Five Ideas for Family Fun That Are (Almost) FREE and Totally Epic


News flash: Having fun together as a family doesn’t require spending lots of money! ThisĀ is a good thing since homeschoolers are almost always looking for ways to cut expenses. Here are five unique ways to build morale and make memories together.Click here to learn five ideas for family fun! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? […]

99 Awesome Crafts for Under $5


Crafts are fun and a great way to keep young hands busy, but sometimes they can be costly. Here are 99 Awesome Crafts for Under $5. There are ideas that boys will love and others that girls will love. I’m just going to throw this out there: these would make great birthday gift ideas from […]

How to Build Your Stockpile with $5 a Week plus FREE Printable


Hurricane Matthew was a wake-up call for many of us. You may never encounter a hurricane, but every state has its own natural disaster threats. It’s important to be prepared for the worst. Hurricanes, earthquakes, power outages, etc. – they can be frightening!But, how do you manage to prep when you can barely put food […]