FREE Printable Color Your Own Calendar


This free Color Your Own Calendar 2018 is the perfect your kids to have a calendar of their very own. They see mom using calendars and planning pages, so it would make them happy to have a calendar just for them. The calendar comes in 3 different types with 3 different writing opportunities. There is […]

2018-2019 FREE 100+ Page Homeschool Planner


This free 2018-2019 homeschool planner and calendar system is the ultimate resource for homeschooling moms. The black and white system makes it easy on the ink. The calendar is built by requests from readers everywhere who have requested specific pages be included or developed. In addition to the typical monthly, weekly, and daily planner pages, […]

FREE 2018 Homeschool Planner


These 2018 free homeschool planners can help you keep organized for the year. It is never to late to start organizing your homeschool. Planning is an important step in homeschooling, besides the learning and evaluation. Each homeschooling family has its own method of planning or they don’t have a plan at all. I highly recommend […]

Choose a Word for your New Year + a Free Journal Pack


The new trend is to choose a single word as a theme for the new year in place of or alongside your standard New Year’s resolutions. Have you chosen your word for the new year? Use this beautiful journaling pack to guide you through choosing your word for the new year, finding scriptures to commit to memory, and praying over the word you […]

FREE Printable 2018-2019 Calendar + a 7-Step FREE Homeschool Planner


Yes, you read that right…2018-2019 Academic Year Calendars. I live and die by my monthly/weekly calendar, planning activities and dates way in advance. So, this year-at-a-glance calendar is perfect to begin laying down a skeleton of plans for the next school year. In addition to the calendar is a host of planning freebies. There are a ton of forms to […]

FREE Printable 2018 Calendar


Have your started thinking about 2018 yet? Many of us homeschool moms run six months ahead of the game and are looking for our calendars during the summer months. In case you don’t already have a calendar, here’s a cute one that’s free to print. I’m all about function, but whenever I can have cute […]