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Below you will find posts featuring curriculum that we use or plan to use in our homeschools!

What we are using for Economics & Government this year


Our family is really into politics, economics, and of course entrepreneurship (my husband and I both have a couple of businesses.) When I owned my curriculum store, Bluestocking Press was one of our best sellers & I am excited to finally be putting their curriculum to use in our homeschool!I plan to lay low on making […]

Our High School History: Exploring America by Notgrass


I just love the high quality of Notgrass materials. We have used some of their curriculum in the past and have been very impressed. This year for tenth grade we will be using Exploring America. This independent, student-led  high school history course is much more than just history though. When you follow the easy to use lesson […]

Learn about our High School Writing and Literature choices for 11th Grade


We are going into our third year of homeschooling highschool and I am very excited for our choices this year! My son will be in 11th grade this year and we were in search of a good writing curriculum that covered everything he would need to prepare him for college. We have used a few […]

What we are using for Highschool: Constitutional Literacy


My son is very excited to use Constitutional Literacy this year! My son is going into 11th grade this year. For his ninth grade year we did a Government course with him and he loved it. He just loves History! This year he is dual enrolling in our local community college where he will be taking […]