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FREE State Printables

Discover fun history facts as you build a timeline of state history with free printables. Bonus research prompts are also included. Click here for downloadable printables for each state.

50 States Series: Alaska

Working your way through the United States of America? Here are some great resources for learning more about our 49th state, Alaska. ::

Today I am sharing resources about our 49th state, Alaska. Whether one-by-one or in regions, kids need to learn about each of the 50 states in the United States. Each state has a history, fun facts and wonderful sites to see. Over the next year, I will be sharing resources – printables, travel destinations and food […]

50 State Series: Arkansas

Making our way through the 50 States, we are looking at Arkansas. Check out these printables, crafts, recipes and MORE to make your unit FUN! ::

When we lived in Oklahoma, we would often take day-trips to Northwest Arkansas. I have also driven through the state several times as we traveled east to Florida and Georgia. While traveling through states, I love to read signs. The most interesting and frankly, hilarious sign I remember seeing in Arkansas was as you re-entered […]