Tablet Class Math Pre-Algebra/Algebra 1 Review

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Have you ever heard of  Tablet Class Math?

Review by Sarah Shelton

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Last year I was at my wits end with Math. We had been using a popular online program for my son and he was failing miserably. Once it started to introduce Pre-Algebra concepts he froze up and could not understand them at all. He got a D in his course and when we had him tested he fell 3 grades behind in Math.

I had been doing a lot of research when I stumbled across Tablet Class Math! I was very impressed with the price as it was only $100 for an entire year of your choice of math. Many upper level math curricula cost much more than this. The price is great because everything is online so you are able to save by not purchasing a big textbook.

I decided to purchase it and immediately got myself prepared to get everything ready for my son. Since this is an online product there is no physical textbook. Once I logged in to our account I was able to go into each lesson and print the practice problems, answers keys, and tests. At first I wasn’t sure exactly how to print everything so I sent Mr. Zimmerman an email on his contact page. It wasn’t even a half an hour later when he personally called me on the phone! We had a great conversation. He was so friendly and very encouraging asking me what we had used in the past, how his teaching was different and why it worked. I explained to him that my son had previously taken Pre-Algebra and that we were going to retake it and start over with his course. He gave me tips and ideas on how to use the program and how quickly we could finish it and said he would be available for any questions my son or I had. I was extremely impressed by the customer service and his genuine care and passion for Math!

My son completed Pre-Algebra in about 6 months and I am so happy to say that his final grade was a 93%! Honestly he would’ve gotten a 95, but when I was reading about the grading, neatness and complete notes count towards the final grade. I couldn’t award him the extra 2 points because he needs improvement in that area. I am so impressed with this program!

When my son tested this year he was finally on grade level for math!!! This program is wonderful. Mr. Zimmerman is very clear and down to earth in his lectures and explanations and he is easy to contact if you need help understanding a concept. I really like that everything is online. My son likes the multi media aspect of it and it works great when you have multiple ages in your family. You can watch the lectures on a computer, on a smart phone or a tablet or Ipad. My son logs into his account on the Ipad and takes it into the other room and watches the lectures by himself . Then he comes to the table to complete his lessons.

I am so thankful to find a program that is affordable and works for us! We are currently in Algebra 1, the lessons are getting harder, but the explanations and teaching is easy to understand and there is a lot of built in review to help you remember what to do. My son currently has an A in the class! We plan on using all of the courses until we are finished with highschool! If you are searching for a math program that is affordable AND complete look no further than Tablet Class Math!

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