Horizons K Math Set Review

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Review by Sarah Shelton

12052This curriculum comes in a nice boxed set. It comes with one big teacher manual and two student workbooks. The student workbooks are very colorful with pictures and helps to draw the child’s attention to the pages. I love that the pages are perforated and easily removed to put in a child’s work folder or to store in a binder and save for a portfolio. The teacher’s manual gives you an overview of each lesson, and what your child will learn that day. It tells you what math manipulatives you will need to assist you in teaching the lesson. It calls for things you can find around the house, and has you make your own homemade flashcards. It includes worksheets in the back of the book for extra practice to go along with each lesson. These are master worksheets that you can photo copy for your child and is great if you are teaching more than one. 

Separate worksheet packages are available if you don’t have access to a copy machine. The teacher’s guide does give you some teaching tips and how to introduce each individual activity for that lesson. The only downside for the teacher’s manual is that it doesn’t show you step by step how to do the new topic they are teaching. It only tells you what you should be teaching and reviewing for the day, but not exactly how to go about teaching it. For a Kindergarten grade level this is not a problem at all, and the guide will give you ideas to help you make math fun. 

Like my review on the K phonics, I would also recommend this for a child that would be an advanced kindergartner. Or you can easily stretch the K curriculum out through 1st grade if you needed to, it has that much information in it. And that is the beauty of homeschooling as well. To take a great curriculum and tweak it to fit you and your family’s needs! This is a very thorough program and will give your child a strong, solid foundation in Math and math concepts and they will be advanced in Math as well!

Publisher Description 
Give your child a solid foundation in mathematics with the award-winning Horizons Kindergarten Math Set! Filled with 160 attention-grabbing lessons, this easy-to-use set includes two colorfully illustrated student books covering adding, subtracting, and more; plus a helpful teacher’s guide with daily lesson plans, answer keys, and worksheets. 

Want to make math fun during your child’s first years of learning? With the Horizons Kindergarten Math Set from Alpha Omega Publications, you’ll find everything you need. Children love learning through analytical reasoning, memorization, and drills in this best-selling homeschool math curriculum. Each engaging lesson begins with a new math concept or an expansion on a previously covered concept to ensure your child’s educational success. Brightly-colored illustrations help your child understand basic math skills such as counting, adding, and subtracting single digit numbers; money values; time and days of the week; direction and positions; simple fractions; and more! 

But that’s not all! The user-friendly teacher guide provides step-by-step instructions and teaching tips for both the veteran and novice homeschooling parent alike. So why are you waiting? The Horizons Kindergarten Math Set is sure to help you find success in teaching elementary math. Best of all, you’ll save money when you purchase this popular math curriculum as a set. Start homeschooling your child with the best. Order your Horizons Kindergarten Math Set now!

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