Easy Grammar Systems Review

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free product in return for my honest review. I was not financially compensated for this post.  All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the developing company and/or its affiliates in any way. 


Easy Grammar texts use the prepositional approach combined with effective strategies. This helps students to understand grammar, a tool for speaking and writing properly.

Our Review
Easy Grammar is a wonderful grammar curriculum. I admit was a little intimidated when I received the “big” book with the answer keys and student reproducible worksheets all in one. I would definitely recommend purchasing the student text in addition to the teacher guide, instead of opting for the all in one to save money. The time and money spent on printing the worksheets would not be worth it to me, unless you are using it for several students and you want to save money by choosing this option. 

I received the Easy Grammar Grade 5 for review. I chose this grade because it is a good “middle grade”. There are 317 lessons in all. It seems like a lot, but it really is not a lot of work compared to many other grammar programs out there. Each lesson is only one worksheet (not front and back). On average there is about 10-15 questions per lesson. These grammar sheets can be completed in under 20 minutes by most students with minimal parental instruction. 

Easy Grammar takes a different approach to teaching the parts of speech and sentence mapping/diagramming. You first learn about prepositional phrases and that, in itself, is a unique approach. After you determine the prepositional phrase in each sentence it is super easy to find the subject and all of the other aspects of the sentence. I wish I would have been taught this way in school! 

If your student flies through a lesson or concept you can have them practice more by doing an additional worksheet or you can have them skip ahead once they mastered it. Easy Grammar texts teach in an easy step-by-step format and include: 

  • Unit Reviews
  • Unit Tests
  • Cumulative Reviews
  • Cumulative Tests

The concepts are not taught once and then dropped by the wayside. They are carried out through the entire curriculum. By the end of the year your students will be very proficient in grammar usage, which in turn will bump up their writing skills. 

We have also looked over Winston Grammar, which is another incredible curriculum with a different approach. I was torn between the two for my daughter who will be in 5th grade next year. In the end we have chosen to go with Easy Grammar. We will be buying the student text though! :) 

I would recommend using Daily Grams in addition to this curriculum for ongoing review of concepts learned. Daily Grams can usually be completed in 10 minutes or less. 

Publisher Description:

Scope and Sequence for Easy Grammar (all grades)

Students are asked to delete prepositional phrases in order to help understand other concepts. In addition to grammar concepts, capitalization, punctuation, sentence types, phrases/clauses and friendly/business letters are included. Ample practice worksheets are offered for each skill.

  • 53 prepositions introduced
  • Materials presented and reviewed throughout
  • Contains unit reviews, unit tests, cumulative reviews, and cumulative tests
  • Includes pre/post assessments
  • Reproducible worksheets

Writing section “teaches” how to write appositives, semicolon construction, and compound sentences See “Scope and Sequence” for content.

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