The Almighty Bible Review

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Review by Bridgette Taylor

I was recently given the first two installments of “The Almighty Bible”, put out by Apple of the Eye Publishing, to review. I was first impressed by the outstanding illustration. Each page features several full-color, comic book style vignettes that, unlike comic books, are tastefully drawn. Each grouping of vignettes depicts the action as described by the biblically accurate scriptures quoted below them. 

The scriptures are adapted from the World English Bible Translation that was itself adapted from the 1904 American Standard Translation. Each book presents one chapter of the bible in it’s entirety. I have to admit that these books brought clarity to some unknown parts of these stories to me. Several times I was driven to my KJV to check out something I read in “The Almighty Bible,” and every time I found that the facts presented there were sound. Although, at times, I felt that they were translated too vaguely. Such as, the story of Cain and Abel. “The Almighty Bible” states that “God respected Abel, but He didn’t respect Cain, and Cain was very angry.” (Genesis page 10). This seems, to me, to broadly gloss over the real significance of the story. 

Also, because these books are biblically accurate, there is a lot of sex in Genesis. “The Almighty Bible” is quite blunt in it‘s recitation. Though, to their credit, they do skip over the story of Lot and his daughters. I would suggest that you read it first if you are considering it for a younger child. That being said, I believe that “The Almighty Bible” is an outstanding series that can bring the Bible to life for the younger generation. It’s modern graphics and interpretation transform the Bible from black and white Shakespearean words on a page, into a full-color, in-your-face action adventure. 

The storyline flows easily throughout making each book an easy read with staying power. If you are looking for a way to get your teenager, or even yourself, interested in the story of our Lord, the “The Almighty Bible” is it. New and long-time students alike will walk away from these books with a clearer interpretation of what really happened in the Bible.

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