Conversations From The Garden: 40 Days To A Biblical Worldview Review

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Review by Bridgette Taylor

Conversations From The Garden: 40 Days To A Biblical Worldview by Marcia Harris Brim is one of the neatest books I have come across in a while. Brim takes you on a 40 day journey facilitating biblical discussions between you and your child that are meaningful and encourage spiritual growth not only for your child, but for you as well. The entire study is done from only the first three chapters of the Bible, Genesis 1-3.

Each day you follow the brief outline for a family dinner table style conversation. The session starts off with reading a few passages from the Bible and then Brim offers some questions you can use to encourage dialogue and deepen understanding. Brim offers support to parents and teachers and the “Instructions” portion is full of hints to help you guide the sessions steadily. This study is an easy premise with a very deep yield. Brim places the spiritual development of your child squarely where it belongs, at the heart of the family. “Conversations from the Garden” is a powerful tool for strengthening your children’s spirituality and the family ties at the same time. No home should go without this one.

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