Daily Skill Building: Vocabulary – A NEW Complete Curriculum for Elementary Students

Are you looking for an EASY open-and-go curriculum that will enhance your elementary student’s vocabulary? Daily Skill Building: Vocabulary was created with busy homeschooling moms in mind – no teacher guide is needed! 

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Daily Skill Building: Vocabulary is a complete, 36-week vocabulary curriculum for elementary students. This simple, straight-forward approach to vocabulary building is easy to use and encourages independent study.

With busy homeschooling moms in mind, this curriculum was created as an “open and go” resource (without the need for a teacher’s guide.) The 36-week format is designed to be flexible — meaning  you can assign more than one word a day if you wish to complete it sooner.

Each week presents four new words (one per day) with a weekly review on day five. Your student will be asked to define the new word using a dictionary, use it in a sentence, and list synonyms and antonyms.

Every 4th week includes an additional review using the most recent 16 words studied plus a short writing assignment.

For your convenience, we include a glossary of words by week and order studied. Students may use either the glossary for their daily assignments or a dictionary.

Word lists are appropriate for grades 3-4. Click here for a sample of week 4.

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For FREE vocabulary sheets to enhance Daily Skill Building: Vocabulary, click here.

Components include:

  • Vocabulary Definition Lists
  • Sentences Building
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Word Maps, & More!