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Paleontology Cards with FREE Printable


It’s not just learning about dinosaurs. Paleontology tells us about the history of the effort to understand the history of life on Earth by studying the fossil records left behind by living organisms. Paleontology is one of the subjects being cut out of public and collegiate educational budgets nationwide, however you don’t have to eliminate the […]

Burned Out or Bored with your Current Math and Science Curriculum? FREE Printable Fibonacci Numbers in Nature Lapbook


Do you and your homeschool learners suffer from burnout and or boredom with your current math and science curriculum?. This Fibonacci Numbers in Nature lapbook will make learning and seeing math and science connections easier.Click Here to Checkout the Fibonacci Numbers in Nature Lapbook! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress […]

FREE Kindergarten Science Frog Fact Pack Printables


Do your little ones love frogs? Here in Florida, we have lots of frogs. My kids love watching them hang onto our windows, or hop onto our front porch in a rain storm.I found the best printables for the perfect frog science theme in your homeschool. These Frog Fact Pack printables are perfect for creating […]

Eiffel Tower Engineering Project for Kids


Kids love building and creating things. Challenge your kids with this exciting engineering project that has them build the Eiffel Tower!The Eiffel Tower is an amazing architectural structure. If you are learning about Paris, or large structures, this engineering project will be a hit. Your kids will learn how to design the Eiffel Tower and […]

Animal Groups Science Printables


Our family loves to camp and take nature walks. We love observing animals in nature and discussing the animals we see and learning about them. My little ones love to learn the different names of animals and it makes for some fun discussions when you talk about animals that you see in groups. Deer are […]

FREE Printable Leaf Identification Card Pack


Children love to pick up and collect leaves. Add some purpose to your nature walk by printing this free, printable Leaf Identification Card Pack! While on your morning stroll, your child can collect leaves, then upon returning to home she can identify them by comparing them to these identification cards. Your child will be excited to […]

DIY Constellation Projector with FREE Printable Constellation Cards


Hands-on learning is always the best! Are you studying the stars and astronomy in your homeschool this year? Then you’ll want to for sure check out the constellations inside your home! How? You can let your children help you assemble a DIY constellation projector using a few simple supplies such as a flashlight, tape, push […]

FREE Harvest Unit Study with FREE Printable Pack


Do you like to customize your homeschooling to feature seasonal topics? Then you will be thrilled to use this free Harvest Unit Study with your children. It reminds me of the old chorus, “Harvest Time” that I grew up singing in church. This unit study includes science, math, reading, geography, and writing, and the ten-page […]

FREE Forensic Science Resources and Printables

FREE Forensic Science Resources and Printables

If your teens love crime stories, and crime shows, then they may be interested in learning about Forensic Science in your homeschool.What exactly is Forensic Science?Forensic science, or forensics, is the application of science to establish how historical events occurred and thereby provide impartial evidence that can be used in a court of law. The term forensic comes from the […]