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FREE Water Resource Engineering Lesson Plans and Curriculum for 6-8th Grade


If you have a student that is into the STEM field you may be looking for ways to supplement their learning or to give them extra challenges in that area.The free Engineering Everywhere lesson plans and curriculum from Engineering is Elementary is perfect for 6th  – 8th graders that want to work on their engineering […]

FREE Living Science Book Log and Book Report Outline Printables


Living books are a great way to really immerse your children into Science. Science textbooks can be so chock full of facts and rote memorization, and to be honest, they can be quite boring! Living books are rich with subject matter written by an expert in the subject and written directly to the child. They […]

FREE Butterfly Life Cycle Printables and Crafts

Butterfly Life Cycle_pin

My family absolutely loves anything to do with nature. Before we were even formally schooling my toddlers and preschoolers were out in our butterfly garden plants hunting for a chrysalis and picking caterpillars off of our milkweed to put in jars to watch them transform.Maybe nature study doesn’t come as naturally to you, and that’s […]

FREE Printable Gliding Robot STEM Activity for Kids


This fun gliding robot STEM activity for kids combines creativity with scientific thinking. In this robot craft, your homeschool children will color a free printable robot and turn it into a gliding robot toy. Kids will have fun coloring designs and patterns on their robot templates. You will be happily surprised at all the kinds of predictions and […]

FREE Water Cycle Hands-On Lesson


This free hands-on Science lesson and experiment investigating condensation and the water cycle will be a great addition to your science labs this year. Your child will answer questions like “What is condensation?” and “Where does it come from?”. This free Condensation Investigation is a great way for kids to answer those questions and learn […]

FREE Interactive Task Cards: Chemical or Physical Change?


Are you learning about reactions in your Science curriculum at home? Sometimes it can be hard to remember the differences between reactions.These free Boom Cards from Kristin Lee are geared for Middle School science students and will have them practice whether an event is a physical change or a chemical change. They will read an event or […]

Parts of a Flower Printables and Crafts


Spring time is almost here, and the flowers are already starting to come out of being dormant during the winter. Spring is the perfect time to do some botany study with your little ones. There are so many fun crafts and hands-on activities you can do when you are teaching your little ones about the different […]