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Free preschool printables, flash cards, downloads & more! Have a preschooler or early elementary homeschooled student? Check back weekly for new posts! Checkout for some great free printables.

FREE Bible Story Print and Fold Books


My favorite part of doing preschool with my little ones is our daily Bible time together. It is so sweet to watch them learn about some amazing Bible stories and famous people in the Bible. I love finding coloring pages and books to go along with what we are studying. I found the cutest Bible story […]

FREE Preschool and Kindergarten Writing Lessons


Teaching your children how to write can be a little frustrating at times. In order to better equip you, the teacher, it is important to know about the different stages of writing. Did you even know that there are different stages to your children’s writing skills and ability? The Measured Mom has a great post […]

How to Teach Your Address and Phone Number to Kids


It is so important to have our children learn to memorize their address and phone number as soon as they are able to. This is something I always start in the early preschool years. If your children are having a hard time memorizing their address and phone number, I found a really simple and hands-on way […]

FREE Which Picture? Preschool Printables


My preschoolers love doing “school” like their older siblings. I love finding free printables for my little ones to do that will keep them busy and also have them learning at the same time.I found these great worksheets from Modern Day Chaos that will help your little ones with some critical thinking skills. These are […]

FREE Sight Word Printables

FREE Sight Word Printables

Some children can get really hung up on sight words. Most sight words defy the rules that they are learning in phonics. Others are just simple words that are important to know so that your little ones are able to read fast and fluently. Sight words are an extremely important part of teaching your little ones […]

FREE Handprint Ornament Printables and Ideas

FREE Handprint Ornament Printables and Ideas

Are you looking for some heartfelt, last minute gift ideas for family members? Handprint ornaments are a great customizable gift from your children. I have to admit that I don’t do as many hands-on crafts with my kids as they did when they were in a formal preschool. They were always sending them home with […]