PreK-K Printables Resources for Homeschoolers

Free preschool printables, flash cards, downloads & more! Have a preschooler or early elementary homeschooled student? Check back weekly for new posts! Checkout for some great free printables.

FREE David and Goliath Preschool Pack


I love teaching Bible stories to my little ones. It is so fun to watch their eyes light up as they learn these fascinating stories and that they are true and really happened!David and Goliath is such a great story to teach your preschoolers. I love this free preschool pack from Mary Martha Mama. This mini-pack […]

FREE BOB Book Printables

FREE BOB Book Printables

If you have every needed to teach a beginning reader you may be familiar with BOB Books.BOB Books are a great way to get your little ones reading in a fun and simple way. They start by introducing new sounds until your children can read a complete book all on their own! There are many people […]

24 Free Preschool Printables to Learn the Seasons


Recitation is such a good way to stimulate and encourage little minds to acquire knowledge. These catchy and sweet preschool recitations and poems to learn the seasons are educational fun for your preschooler. Every month includes two cute rhyming poems that you can review and memorize with your child. These preschool times are one of […]

FREE Number Trace and Draw Pages


These free numbers tracing pages are perfect practice for preschool and kindergarten students learning numbers 0-9. The free pages will help your homschooler practice fine motor skills and number tracing and number writing. Your homeschooler can trace and draw the picture as well! There is one page for each number. Don’t miss out on this adorable […]

FREE Kindergarten Writing Prompts


Teaching our little ones to write can begin as early as kindergarten.Teaching writing at such a young age is supposed to be fun, and encourage them to be creative. At this age, many can still not read or write on their own, that is where drawing and dictating stories comes in quite handy! I love […]

FREE Printable Robot Coverall Math Game (Addition and Subtraction)


I’m all about the cute. Math games are great, but give me a cute one, and I’m a happy girl. This free, printable Robot Coverall Math Game comes with directions for five different variations of play. It will keep your student interested and engaged while he practices adding and subtracting!Click here to continue reading over at […]

100 FREE Christmas Printables for Kids


If you like to homeschool into December, you can incorporate some Christmas fun into your children’s schoolwork. This list of 100 free Christmas Printables for Kids has something for every child from toddler to sixth grade. There are language arts, math, preschool, and Bible printables as well as coloring pages. These worksheets will bring a […]