FREE Printable Pack! Teaching Children that We Are ALL Created Special


All people are special in God’s eyes no matter their color, appearance, intellectual capabilities, or physical capabilities.  God knit each infant together in his mother’s womb and each is made for a purpose in God’s eyes.  Teach your children what a special gift from God they are and instill a love for others through this […]

Freebie- Scavenger Hunts For All Occasions


Do your kids get bored waiting at the doctors office or grocery shopping? Do you want to occupy your kids while stuck indoors or at a family get-together? Do you want your kids to get excited about going to the park or taking a walk in the forest? Check out this new freebie- Scavenger Hunts for […]

Noah’s Ark Printables, Bible Story Crafts and More!


Little children love learning about Bible Stories, especially ones that have to do with animals!The great thing about homeschooling is that you can turn anything into an educational experience, including Bible Stories!Printable Packs and Coloring Sheets:Noah’s Ark Coloring Pages with Bible Verse and TracingNoah’s Ark Tot BookNoah’s Ark Mega Printable PackFREE Noah’s Ark Clip ArtNoah’s […]

FREE Living Books & Nature Study Resources


We were not always Charlotte Mason homeschoolers. It has simplified our life a ton! Read about our CM journey here & how it brought happiness back to our homeschool!  Note, this was written when my daughter was in seventh grade. She is now in eighth grade. To read about what we are using this year, click here. So, […]

FREE Architecture Curriculum


Did you know there are many FREE Architecture Curricula online? I didn’t! FREE Course – Architecture Studio: Building in LandscapesCourse Description from Website:This subject introduces skills needed to build within a landscape establishing continuities between the built and natural world. Students learn to build appropriately through analysis of landscape and climate for a chosen site, and […]

FREE Math Mammoth Video Lessons!


Have you ever checked out Math Mammoth? They offer super affordable curriculum & FREE math resources, worksheets, and more!You will find FREE Math Mammoth video lessons on YouTube. You can purchase the worktexts starting at $2 each and you can get 300 worksheets for FREE by clicking here! They have a sister site called that […]

Candy Train Craft + 10 Favorite Train Books


Are your children fascinated with trains and all things locomotive? Fuel their passion with a yummy candy train craft and 10 favorite train books from World for Learning! Whether you’re a mom of boys or just have train aficionados in your home, you’ll be sure to love this book list. Plus, who can resist an […]