FREE Online Chemistry Resource


Interesting chemistry resources are hard to come by (in my opinion), yet these are just that – interesting! This free, online chemistry resource is quite informative and has colorful illustrations and easy-to-understand explanations. There are videos and quizzes as well as reference links. I wish that I had known about this website when my child […]

FREE Scientist Notebooking Pages


Does your child like to do their own research and pick subjects and famous people to learn about?If you like to do delight directed learning or unit studies then these Scientist Notebooking pages would be perfect for a Science notebook. With these notebooking pages your student will fill in the name of the scientist on […]

Planning Your High School Requirements: Core Courses


It’s that time of year again. Summer break means school planning for most homeschool moms that I know!If you are homeschooling a highschooler this Fall, you will probably be doing a ton of planning! There is so much to plan and do when you have an older student. You want to make sure that you […]

DIY Pioneer Journals


Stop the presses! Is this the cutest thing or what? We’re not studying the pioneering days this year in our homeschool, but I sure am tempted to find a way to wriggle one of these journals in!Perfect for getting your kids glued to the subject material, this DIY Pioneer Journal incorporates crafts, creative writing, and […]

FREE Beach Printable Packs for Preschoolers

FREE Beach Printable Packs

Are you planning a trip to the beach this summer? Or, maybe you live far away from the beach and would like to do a summer beach fun themed unit. Summer is a great time to do a beach themed learning unit. I like to give my little ones fun learning activities that will help […]

FREE Earth Science & Physical Geography Resources


If your student has an interest in or is studying earth science this year, you’ve got to check out this fantastic website of resources! Geography4Kids has information for earth’s structure, atmosphere, biosphere, and more! This is earth’s physical geography, and it offers lots of information in a kid-friendly format as well as online quizzes and even videos!Click […]

Comparing Nutrition Labels Activity for Kids with FREE Printable


There are so many food products available on grocery store shelves, how can our children possibly know what is truly nutritious to eat? Involving them in this Comparing Nutrition Labels Activity will help them to become informed consumers and to make healthy decisions. Pull out a few items from your pantry and print up the […]

Architecture STEM: Area and Perimeter City


If your children are into architecture here is a great project that incorporates building and math together!With this hands on activity your children will build their very own area and perimeter city using a big roll of graphing paper. Once the city is assembled, extend this fun project and teach your kids how to solve area, […]

FREE Ocean Playdough Counting Math Mats


We love learning and hands-on activities using play dough. These playdough counting mats have an adorable ocean theme. Your preschoolers will have so much fun matching the animal shapes, creating them out of playdough while practicing their counting skills at the same time. This is a great summer time play project. You can download these math counting […]