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FREE Printable Simple Math Multiplication Wheels


There is never a shortage of need for more multiplication practice. If your child is tackling multiplication lessons, then try out these simple multiplication wheel math worksheets to help them alongside their lessons. It is always good to throw in some different resources to break up the monotony in school. Your kids will enjoy the […]

FREE Printable Rock and Mineral Geoscavenger Hunt


Your kids will love this FREE printable geoscavenge/scavenger hunt list for a rock and mineral hunt for homeschool. Younger kids will have so much fun hunting for the rocks and minerals; older kids can add identifying which items are petroleum, mineral, coal, and rock products. Both will enjoy this hands-on activity to get them outdoors […]

Building Toys with PVC Pipes from Home


Kids love building things. They can build and build until there is nothing left to build. See how your kids will love to create these homemade building toys with PVC pipes. Your kids can make these as large and as colorful as they want. This resource is perfect for engineering projects, as your kids make […]

One of the Best Ways to Teach Sight Words

how-to-teach-sight-words-2-590x789 (1)

Are you looking for the best way to teach sight words? If so, check out this post to teach sight words in an effective simple way. You will need a dry erase board, a dry erase marker, magnetic lowercase letters and a blank index card. It is super fun to watch your kids get used […]

Scholarships and Financial Aid Opportunities for Kids with Dyslexia


Explore some awesome scholarship and financial aid opportunities for students with dyslexia that you will want to know about. How amazing is it that there are private scholarships available that grant money to students based on their particular strengths, interests, disabilities and other characteristics or qualities. This post is full of ideas to explore the […]

FREE Date Dash Ethiopia – History Card Game

FREE Date Dash Ethiopia - History Card Game

In what year did Haile Selassie give Ethiopia its first written constitution? In what year did Lalibela become emperor? Test your knowledge of the history of Ethiopia with this free printable card game. All thirty questions include two levels of difficulty, so it’s perfect for middle school or high school. Or, combine it with other printable games in […]

FREE Printable Binder for Handwriting Practice


If your child is struggling with their handwriting, this printable handwriting practice binder is a parent’s help to improve their skills. If you are starting to teach handwriting, then this will be your stress relief for trying to find printables. The binder is HUGE. There are 48 pages of line mazes to help your kiddos […]

FREE Printable Coloring Pages on Herbs


It is truly beneficial, and awesome, for families to start growing their own herbs. If you are growing herbs, plan to, or are teaching your homeschool about herbs this year, then grab these herb coloring pages for your kids to enjoy. The kids can choose to color the herbs how they would naturally look, or […]

The Very Best Homeschool Planning Hacks You Never Knew

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You will love these homeschool planning secrets and hacks to help you in your journey as a homeschool mom. This post will help you with a clear vision for your homeschool year. Sometimes the homeschool year can start off well then feel like it is slipping through your fingers like sand. These secrets and hacks […]

FREE Printable Colorful Number Tracing Cards


Your young learner will love the colorful number tracing printables to help practice their numbers and writing skills. Number formation will be easy with these printables to help. These number tracing cards will go along great with your lesson plans. Let your kids pick any color they want and go at it.Click here for your FREE […]