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FREE Tree Educational Videos and Songs


In the fall, the air feels crisp and the trees are just beautiful. These free tree songs, rhymes, and educational videos are for a variety of ages. Your homeschool can use them to learn about trees and seasons. Trees can be studied at any time of year, although spring and fall are probably the most […]

Teaching Elements of Landscape (Foreground, Middle Ground, Background)


This awesome freebie will help you teach the concept of creating space in artwork through the use of foreground, middle ground, and  background. This free fold up printable can help your students envision exactly how these elements of landscape stack up. If your child is into art, then this will be a good lesson to […]

25 FREE Apps to Help Create Student Projects


This list of 25 FREE applications will help your digital learner to create homeschool projects with ease. The cloud-based apps will help your kiddos with anything from creating graphics, video, infographics, timelines, to maps and everything in between. Information is literally now at our fingertips. When I was tasked to create projects in public school, […]

FREE Letter E Preschool Notebook


E is for Earth and elephant, this week as we learn all about the letter E! Preschool letter E printables are available now free for one week! The Letter E Notebook is full of fun literacy activities for your preschooler. It includes: Letter Mazes Elephant & Earth Craft Pages Coloring Pages Dot-to-Dot Pages Puzzles and more! […]

Explore a Charlotte Mason Education


Whether you have been in the homeschool community for a while or you are just getting started, this homeschooling 101 on Charlotte Mason Home Education is a good method to explore. You may have heard the Charlotte Mason buzz words going around like living books, narration, copywork, nature study, and habit training. These are not […]

FREE Little House on the Prairie Printables and Unit Studies

Little House on the Prairie_pin

Little House on the Prairie was a favorite of mine when I was a little girl. I read all the books and enjoyed watching the T.V. shows with my family.I have 3 little girls, and was so excited to introduce them to the Little House Series. We started with purchasing some of the seasons and […]

FREE Printable The Warlord’s Beads Math Lessons


The Warlord’s Beads series from Virginia Pilegard teaches important math concepts your homeschool can learn from. These free printable activities go along with the book will provide simple, hands on practice for math concepts. The freebie will help your kids practice place value with large numbers, and learn about the history and culture of ancient China. Click here for your free printable “The […]

Earning College Credit by Exam


Through the credit by examination process, high schoolers can earn college-level credits in some subject areas by passing a standardized proficiency exam. There are testing centers nationwide and hundreds of higher learning institutions accepting credit by exam. It looks like many homeschoolers are catching on and taking this route. I “tested out” of a few classes […]

Teaching Kids to be Innovators


Your child can learn how to be an innovator with Innovator Tribe’s How to Teach Your Child to Think Like an Innovator free online course. We rant and rave about our kids being creative thinkers, however without actually making things happen, the idea is just an idea. Innovator Tribe has online resources for students grades […]