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FREE Ladybug Math Ideas and Printables


Grab  loads of ladybug math ideas and printables appropriate for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. I think everyone will agree that ladybugs are just one of the cutest insects. Even though the first thing I think of when it comes to ladybug themed learning is girls, my son liked to catch ladybugs just the same. Use […]

Farm Skip Counting


This Farm Skip Counting Math Worksheet set is fun for kids and extremely helpful for working with skip counting. This is a traditional kindergarten or 1st-grade skill to be developed. If your kids need extra push, try these Farm Skip Counting Math Worksheets!      Head over to Living Life and Learning to grab your free Farm […]

FREE Geometry Printables and Online Helps for High School


My family is not very strong in math, so I am always nervous when we reach the highschool math years. I am so very thankful that highschool math doesn’t have to be a scary thing since there are so many great helps available online. Geometry can be tricky to learn, and hard to grasp and understand […]

Fun Summer Math Puzzles


Math can get a little boring for little ones. That is why having themed resources is always a great idea. These summer math puzzles do not disappoint. Your young learner will be adding together varies fun summer type objects to help keep their interest in their math.   To receive your copy of the Summer […]

FREE Math Help


Checkout this amazing resource with an endless amount of math lessons in Algebra, Geometry, Trig, Calc, Stats and much more. This site has more than forty free, lessons on each subject in various topic areas for each subject. Go through all the subjects and see if there is any topic you’re looking for. This is a great resource […]

22 Fun Counting Activities for Preschoolers


Check out these 22 fun, hands-on counting activities for preschoolers. Counting activities for preschoolers are a great way to reinforce an important skill. Number recognition and the ability to count are two of the most basic activities for education. They many times get overlooked or seem unimportant, but honestly most knowledge in mathematics stems from that. Use […]

Number Line Resources and Printables


Number lines are an important part of math lessons when you are starting off with math in your homeschool.A number line is a great visual tool that can help your little ones learn which number comes before and after, and is great for counting and helping with adding and subtracting. Introducing a number line can […]

FREE 5th Grade Math Interactive Notebook


Don’t miss out on these free interactive notebook pages for 5th grade decimals. These are such a cool way to teach students about decimal place value. These are great printable note-taking pages for Decimal Place Value. These interactive notebooks are great companions to your current curriculum and programs.Click here for free interactive notebook pages for […]

Ant Life Cycle Multiplication Cards


Multiplication can be a very difficult math concept to teach. One of the ways that we can succeed in this is by making the process interesting. These ant life cycle multiplication card could do just that if you have a young bug lover in you life. Snag your copy of these adorable multiplication cards HERE. Need […]