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Teaching Multiplication Facts That Stick


Multiplication is not the easiest subject to teach. Even if a child is able to recite the answers, understanding multiplication as a concept is a whole other challenge. Read this post on how to teach multiplication in a way that kids can remember and understand. Deepening a child’s understanding of numbers and operations is imperative. […]

FREE 10-minute Math Warm-Ups


Studies show that spending a few minutes each day doing math warm-up helps warm-up our brains for a full math lesson. These math warm-up activities are a great way to strengthen prior knowledge of math skills, and can be knocked-out in just 10 minutes a day. These activities include brain teasers and logic puzzles to […]

Guide to Using Khan Academy as A Complete Math Curriculum


You don’t have to be overwhelmed to use Khan Academy. This post provides step-by-step instructions for using Khan Academy as a free math curriculum. This math curriculum is perfect for teaching math lessons. Let yourself be walked through this curriculum as it is free, and worth it for your kids. Being free, Khan Academy complete […]

FREE Fun Place Value Game


Learning place value is so much easier when kids can visualize the concept. This free place value game for 2nd grade kids (or other grades, depending on your particular child) will be just what your child needs to practice this math skill. The freebie comes with a basic game board, 24 task cards with problems […]

FREE Dice Addition and Subtraction Game


Even if you are not a board game loving family, you probably have some die lying around your home. These free printable addition and subtraction games to use with dice are fun, simple math activities for some math practice in your homeschool. Once your kiddos have learned to add and subtract this math activity will […]

FREE Equivalent Fractions Apples Matching Game


Multiplication can be really difficult for some kids; so, use these FREE apples equivalent fractions matching game to help them practice with some fun. This is a fun and quiet games for kids to work on reviewing their knowledge of fractions. The game is easy to prep and has 18 possible matches. You kids will […]

FREE Printable LEGO Duplo Puzzles for Math


These free printable LEGO Duplo Math Puzzles provide a balance between hands-on math problems and math fact practice. Both hands-on activities and fact practice are beneficial and crucial for learning math. However, some families feel lean towards one or the other. We can help teach math in a way that is hands-on and conceptual in […]