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FREE Printable LEGO Duplo Puzzles for Math


These free printable LEGO Duplo Math Puzzles provide a balance between hands-on math problems and math fact practice. Both hands-on activities and fact practice are beneficial and crucial for learning math. However, some families feel lean towards one or the other. We can help teach math in a way that is hands-on and conceptual in […]

Help with Multiplication using Arrays


Multiplication really can be hard for some kids. Learn tons of hands-on ways for teaching arrays to make multiplication fun. Our kids can use all the help they can get some times. Arrays are useful and powerful visuals to teaching multiplication. These are ways which help kids that any regular old worksheet can’t. This post […]

FREE Printable Telling Time Games for Kids


If you are teaching your kids to tell time this year, then this is an awesome game to go alongside your lesson. Telling time was hard for me as a third grader. I remember trying to get it in public school, and being so frustrated about it. I could have really used the help of […]

Montessori Inspired DIY Cards and Counters


If you are looking for Montessori-inspired resources, this one is perfect for traditional cards and counting. Follow this post to see how cards and counters are one of the easiest Montessori materials to create for your homeschool. Making your very own cards and counters help you create your own activities for just about any theme, […]

FREE Printable Conversion Chart for Measurement


Learning measurement is one of those math topics that kids can really use throughout their lives. I love those subjects. This free measurement conversion chart, metric and customary reference sheet can help you teach this subject with ease. This freebie includes all conversion rates for metric and customary units of length, weight, and capacity. It […]

Jewelry Making with Math


Making math relevant to what your child likes or what their interests are will help them to retain and learn easily. Even the most reluctant math learners will take a liking to it, if they are doing something they enjoy. If you have a child that likes making jewelry then use that to teach them […]

FREE Printable Integers with Algebra Tiles


Does your middle schooler need some practice with learning integers? If so, then this printable math game will be a huge help. The game “Integer Line Up” uses algebra tile models to practice creating zero pairs, identifying the values of models, and absolute values. All math is better with games and this integer game is no […]

FREE Printable Multiplication Bingo Game Challenge


Will you be venturing on a journey to teach multiplication this homeschool year? This missing factor Bingo multiplication challenge game will be a great supplement to your lessons. It is important for children to be able to skip count and be able to answer simple multiplication answers. This low-prep multiplication game will help your kids practice fact […]

FREE Printable The Warlord’s Beads Math Lessons


The Warlord’s Beads series from Virginia Pilegard teaches important math concepts your homeschool can learn from. These free printable activities go along with the book will provide simple, hands on practice for math concepts. The freebie will help your kids practice place value with large numbers, and learn about the history and culture of ancient China. Click here for your free printable “The […]