SAT and ACT Prep Options for Homeschoolers


Studying for the SAT and ACT can be extremely stressful and frustrating, especially for homeschool students who may not be used to big standardized tests.No matter how well your students do in their English or Math Curriculum at home, there is still not enough to prepare them for the actual test. You never know exactly […]

FREE Printable Daily Homeschool Notebook


Children benefit from a daily routine, and you can easily tuck these worksheets into your homeschool day. These pages help your child to memorize how to write and spell her name, address, and phone number, sight words, and more! It is recommended that they be laminated or placed inside a plastic page protector so you can […]

Learning With LEGO Unit Study with FREE Printable Lapbook


Do you have a LEGO lover? If you screamed out, “Yes!” then this is the unit study for your child. You can take your child’s passion and turn it into an inroad to learning! He can discover LEGO beginnings, business, building, brick math, as well as Word of the Day mini-books!Click here to download your […]

FREE Dinosaur Preschool Printables


These dinosaur preschool printables are perfect to use for a dinosaur theme in your homeschool. Children love dinosaurs. Here are some really fun dinosaur printable games that are perfect to use with colorful dinosaur counters or with any basic dinosaur study. There are printable games, dinosaur classification cards, coloring pages, dinosaur themed math cards, file […]

FREE Highschool Writing Prompt: What Would You Do with a Used Drone?


Are you looking for some fun and interesting writing prompts to get your kids to enjoy writing?If you have a student that is into technology and science, they will absolutely love this fun writing prompt and lesson on drones. Have you ever wondered what happens to used drones when they are done being used for […]

Reading Games You Can Make in Just 15 Minutes


Learning to read is so exciting! What a privilege it is to teach our children this skill that sets them on the road to knowledge. You can make learning to read fun with these reading games. They’re easy to make, and you just might already have the supplies around your home!Click here to create reading […]

25 Amazing Seafood Dishes

If you love seafood, you will love these amazing recipes. From appetizers to grilling to soup and more! There is something for everyone. ::

Seafood is another food group I don’t each much, however, I know it is good for you and my husband and kids love it. I thought I would look around Pinterest and see what popped up. And boy, oh boy…were there some yummy looking recipes. Here are some of my favorites!Salmon with Creamy Lime Sauce | […]

FREE Science Curriculum (LIMITED TIME!)


Are you ready to have your kids begging to do Science? Hurry – Free offer ends on 5/1/17 Quark Chronicles is a literature-based science spine. Children learn the basics of the various branches of science in the context of an exciting adventure story.Each Quark Chronicles book has an optional set of Notebooking Pages which focus on copywork […]

X-Ray Themed Printables and Pretend Play


Preschoolers love to pretend play. X-Rays are a lot of fun to look at and learn about.If you are learning about the letter X, or learning about doctors as community helpers, or X-rays for Science, these are some great ideas you can use for X-Ray themed pretend play!FREE X-Ray Printables:Printable Hospital Role-Play X Ray SignDo […]

FREE Printable Build a City Map Set


What a fun way to learn mapping skills! Reading a map is an important life skill that will benefit your children until they are old and gray. This free printable is so eye-catching, and they will be completely engrossed in this set!Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and […]