Homeschooling Freebies Resources for Homeschoolers

There are so many free homeschooling resources available. We will try and post the best ones here for you. Free curriculum, free printables, free homeschooling downloads, and anything else we find for free that homeschoolers will love!

How to Plan Your Own Unit Study


One of the beautiful things about homeschooling is that you don’t have to just follow what someone else is doing. You can totally teach your children subjects and topics they are actually interested in. This includes exploring topics that aren’t normally explored or exploring them in a different way. It can be intimidating and challenging […]

5 Things You Need to Know About the Waldorf Method


Every child learns differently, so it is important to know and understand different teaching methods. The Waldorf method is a teaching method developed by Steiner-Waldorf in which he focuses on imaginative learning and holistically learning intellectual, practical and artistic skills. If your child learns better with less structure and through holistic approaches, don’t miss out on these […]

The Beatitudes of Homeschooling FREE Printable


Check out this encouraging free printable and resource on the beatitudes of homeschooling. The beatitudes, statements of characteristics and blessing, are part of the Sermon on the Mount that Jesus spoke and is recorded in Matthew. Each beatitude looks at different circumstances of life and how all Christians are blessed through their faith. We completely can apply the beatitudes […]

Earth Day Service Project Ideas and FREE Printable Packs

Earth Day_pin

Earth Day is on April 22, 2018. This is a great time to talk to our children about how God made the world and that it’s our job to care for the world and to be good stewards of His creation.A way to be a good steward of the earth that God gave us is by helping […]

FREE Greek and Latin Roots Doodle Sketch Notes


Teach Greek and Latin root words with doodle and sketching notes to broaden your homeschool’s vocabulary. Teacher Thrives explains how almost 70% of the English language is derived from Latin and Greek languages. Teaching these roots are “building blocks” kids can use to  recognize and decode unfamiliar words. It will get more and more important […]

5 Powerful Ways New Homeschoolers Can Find Encouragement


Join this 30 day homeschool inspiration and encouragement series and find 5 powerful ways new homeschoolers can find encouragement. I think I need to try this one out. My daughter is going to a full online curriculum in a few weeks. We can both use some encouragement there. I always wanted to homeschool; I knew it […]

Fun with Flowers Nature and Sensory Activities

Fun with Flowers_pin

We are a big nature loving family. Since my kids were crawling infants, they were always wanting to play with sticks and rocks and pick up and collect things they found in our yard or on nature walks.I love incorporating nature into our homeschool and everyday life. Using found items from nature is a great […]

FUN Garbage and Recycling Lesson Plans


Earth Day is on April 22, so why not teach about garbage and recycling with these lesson plans for kindergarten, preschool, and elementary grades. Whether you’re looking for Earth Day resources or just want to learn about your local garbage man, your kids will love these garbage & recycling lessons.Once upon a time, I worked in […]

Need Some ADVENTURE in Your Homeschool? (FREE Printable)

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Have you recently encountered a slump that has everyone aching for a quick change of pace- if only for a day? Maybe you’ve had a new baby or are having a big life transition of some other kind and need to make learning more independent? Have you ever tinkered with the idea of “unschooling” or […]