FREE Teddy Bear Themed Printables and Crafts


My preschoolers love playing with their teddy bears stuffed animals. Teddy Bears are well loved toys that are usually one of the first stuffed animals a child receives. They hold a special place in many children’s hearts because they are so lovable and fun to play with. If your kids love stuffed animals as much […]

5 Tips for Teaching Independence in the Middle Years


As our children approach the middle school years, their work load begins to increase rapidly. This is when it becomes very important to begin to teach independence in your homeschool.There are a lot of changes in the middle school years. There is a bigger work load, and more responsibilities. You may find that you don’t […]

FREE Spring Middle School Printable Fun Pack


Spring is finally here! The beauty of spring is that we can mix things up and take our homeschool lessons outside! Your middle schoolers will have a lot of fun with this free printable pack. Inside you’ll find spring themed decode the messages, word searches and a battleship game that are all spring themed. These […]

45+ Active Indoor Games to Get Kids Active


Running around outside in the fresh air is always best, but sometimes that’s not practical. For the times that it’s too early, too late, too noisy, too cold, or too rainy, here are over 45 indoor games that your children will enjoy! The big favorites are going to be the indoor obstacle courses and the […]

FREE Measurement Geometry Worksheets & Problems for Highschool


Highschool Geometry can be tricky and I love finding free resources to help. These worksheets are perfect to help your teens with measurements that they are working on in their Geometry studies. These math problems involve : Mensuration, Scales and Time, Perimeter, Area, Volume, Emperial & Metric Measurements etc…You can use these lessons and free […]

Learning About Earthworms FREE Printables and Science Experiments


Spring is here and for my family that means lots of digging and planting in our gardens. We were just putting new flowers in this weekend any my kids were having a blast digging up earthworms and moving them around to different parts of the garden!Earthworms are squiggly and wet and fun to play with […]