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FREE What Is in the Ocean’s Minibook


This one page printable from is a fun way to teach the locations of different oceans and seas, as well as what lives in them.DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE MINIBOOK HERE Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning online homeschool curriculum!

FREE Printable Amelia Earhart Lapbook & MORE!

amelia_earhart is providing a FREE set of lapbook printables to learn more about Amelia Earhart’s accomplishments and her life. Looking for more teaching tools or even active play resources to help your children learn more about Amelia Earhart and this period of time? Check these out!Who Was Amelia Earhart? for ages 8-12 yearsI am Amelia […]

FREE Ancient Lands Map Set


Practice memory work, label blank maps, play games for review, and more with these free ancient lands map printables from These are maps documenting each point in Israel’s history as well as maps of each civilization and important events during those times. You can see exactly how the author uses these maps with her […]

Learn About South America (FREE Printables)

Label-Map-of-South-American-Countries-Tinas-Dynamic-Homeschool-Plus_thumb has a really neat project to do with the kids for learning all about South America. If you are trying to do a quick lesson she includes a free map of South America printable to label, but if you want to take some more time to go through I highly suggest checking out her […]

FREE 100-Page Great Britain Study by WinterPromise!


Want to Get to Know WinterPromise?  Try This 100-Page Free Study! Have you been introduced to WinterPromise? WinterPromise is a Charlotte-Mason inspired curriculum that brings together the best of ALL your favorite homeschooling approaches! WP’s “Experience Approach” with and rich learning fulfills Charlotte’s vision! Here’s How: The Learning Methodology, Nature Journaling, & Joy of Learning […]

Free Notebooking and Journal Pages For Every Subject


Kathys Cluttered Mind has a large selection of free notebooking and journal pages that she created for her children over the years. Topics include flowers, arachnids, rocks, presidents, lego, current events, biographies, museums, poetry, documentaries and more. She created these journal pages to go along with curriculum and unit studies they are utilizing in their […]

FREE American History Homeschool Curriculum


I love FREE curriculum, don’t you?? Check out this free history curriculumThis American History Curriculum is geared for grades 2-6 and uses a literature approach and ties in science, language arts, and more! This free American History Curriculum can be used over the course of a full school year or you can use each individual topic […]

FREE Revolutionary War Printable Pack


Learn all about the American Revolutionary War with this FREE Pack from It comes with 110 pages of both educational and fun activities for the kids. This pack is for children ages 2-8. There is a 42 page tot pack for younger ages.DOWNLOAD THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR PACK HERE. Need An Affordable Approach to […]

How to Make and Use a Compass FREE Printable


Going Camping? Teaching Geography? Have a child that gets lost often? Just Kidding!Teach your children how to make a compass and determine “North” with their creation. This looks like such a fun project for dad’s to do with their kids, and/ or a way to get the whole family involved!DOWNLOAD THE COMPASS PRINTABLE HERE Need […]