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FREE Cool Country Report


Introduce a different culture and help strengthen your child’s writing skills, all at the same time! Get this neat free printable from Scholastic at the link below!DOWNLOAD IT HERE Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning online homeschool curriculum!

FREE Age of Exploration Printable Timeline Squares


Incorporating timelines into your history studies is such a great way to solidify the important dates as you study.This FREE Age of Exploration Timeline will compliment  your study of the Explorers from Henry the Navigator to Henry Hudson. Click here to download it now! Here are some additional freebies for studying explorers:History of Explorers: Explorers A to ZExplorers […]

What we are using for Highschool: Constitutional Literacy


My son is very excited to use Constitutional Literacy this year! My son is going into 11th grade this year. For his ninth grade year we did a Government course with him and he loved it. He just loves History! This year he is dual enrolling in our local community college where he will be taking […]

Asian Geography Worksheets Volume 2

Free Asian Geography Worksheets Vol 2

Can you find Phnom Penh on a map? How about the Yellow Sea or Kaesong? Where would you find Kuala Lumpur? If your students need to brush up on their geography skills, try this fun downloadable pack that features Cambodia, North Korea, and Malaysia. Cities, regions and provinces, and physical features are listed and blank maps […]

Write an Echo Verse Activity


Echo Verse is a type of poetry that’s been around since the time of Ancient Greece.In this unique style of poetry, one line is followed by one or two words that rhyme with all or part of the previous line’s last word. This activity will teach kids to write an Echo Verse of their own. […]

Free Geography Drills for Brazil and North Dakota

Free Geography Drills Volume 6 - Brazil and North Dakota

What five countries border Brazil to the north? The county of Divide, North Dakota, borders what state and province? Find the answers to these and 58 other geography questions in these two fun geography packs. Each pack includes a full-color map, ten map study questions to familiarize students with the country or state being studied, and a […]