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Does Every Vote Count? Part Three-Federal Government

Does Every Vote Count Unit Study Part 3-Federal Government

So far in this series, we’ve talked about the impact our decisions in local elections and state elections have on our everyday lives. This week we’ll look at the ways our leaders in the federal government impact us. After all, does what the President do really affect your day-to-day life? Don’t all his decisions still […]

FREE Animal Report Worksheets


 Are you planning a trip to the zoo this year or would like your kids to learn more about animals? Consider having them research their own animal and write a report about it!I love these worksheets! They are so flexible! When your child is studying about their animal it can turn into a geography study […]

FREE Railroads, Regulations, and the Tariff Printable for Highschool


This handout would go well with a unit study on the railroads during American History. This American History Reading covers the importance of the growing railroad system and the politics and costs associated with it. After reading the information there are reading comprehension questions to answer. This would be great in a unit study notebook.Download […]

Does Every Vote Count? Part Two-State Government

Does Every Vote Count Unit Study Part 2-State Government

Last week we talked about the impact our local elections have on our day-to-day lives. This week, we’ll continue to study the role our elected officials play in our lives by taking a closer look at our state officials including the governor, lieutenant governor, senators, representatives, and attorney general. How do their decisions affect us, […]

Free Westward Expansion Printable


This free Westward Expansion printable helps you explore the major points of United States history between 1783 to 1898. It includes notebooking pages with and without traceable writing, a United States elevation map, an Oregon map, and animal track cards! Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, […]

Travel the World with this Free Passport Kit


If you are a homeschool mom (or dad) then you know it can often be difficult to stick to your regular school schedule around the holidays. One way to enjoy the Christmas season while still learning is to study the different Christmas traditions around the world. This FREE Printable Passport Kit will help to enrich […]

FREE World Geography Maps & Copywork Book


We are excited to bring you this FREE ebook World Geography Copywork that you can use with your homeschool! It is chock full of all kinds of geography information & your kids will learn facts and get to label everything. Since it is a PDF file, you can print the consumable pages as many times as […]

The Culture of the 1950’s FREE History Reading with Questions for Highschool


If your highschooler is learning about American History and American culture this year then you will want to check out this free handout.This handout is geared towards grades 9-12. It talks about the culture of the 1950’s. It covers the beginning of the beatnick movement and the rebellious style that was being portrayed in literature […]