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Free Printable Geography Tests, Worksheets, and Activities


Grab these free geography worksheets to assist in your geography unit studies or lessons. Your students can complete interactive geography activities and simply test their knowledge of geographic features or map components with these geography printables. These worksheets have everything you can think of including World or State capitals, continents and more,Click here for free printable […]

Ultimate YouTube Playlist for World Geography


This YouTube playlist is a lifesaver if you have middle or high school kids studying world geography. It’s an extensive (although not exhaustive) list of great video for every region of the world explaining the geography, the political situations, the history, and the culture of the place. You can use this playlist no matter what curriculum […]

FREE Famous People Mini Quiz Pack Vol. 11 – Female Aviators

FREE Famous People Mini Quiz Pack Vol. 11 - Female Aviators

This Famous People Mini Quiz Pack explores the lives of Jean Gardner Batten, Amy Johnson, Amelia Earhart, and Marion Alice Orr, four famous female aviators. Learn about these women, their work, and what the world  was like in their day with this mini quiz pack that is perfect for upper middle school and high school students. These three […]

Date Dash Spain – Spanish History Card Game

Date Dash Spain – Spanish History Card Game

In what year were Aragon and Castile united, bringing most of what is now Spain under one rule? In what year were the Olympic Games held in Barcelona? Test your knowledge of the history of Spain with this free printable card game. All thirty questions include two levels of difficulty, so it’s perfect for middle school or high […]