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FREE Favorite Authors Puzzles-C.S. Lewis

FREE Favorite Authors Puzzles-C.S. Lewis

His writing encompassed fiction; nonfiction; children’s stories such as the Chronicles of Narnia; and books about literature, including English Literature in the Sixteenth Century, Excluding Drama; but how much do you know about C.S. Lewis and the world he lived in? Try these three fun puzzles to learn more about his life, his work, and […]

FREE Timeline Notebook Printable


A timeline notebook can be used all throughout your child’s middle school and high school years. A full-blown timeline notebook can allow your kids to add to and refer to them during the remainder of their history courses. All you will need is a horizontal 3-ring binder and an adjustable 3-hole puncher to put the […]

FREE Ultimate Curriculum Guide to the Middle Ages


Your homeschool will enjoy this free 38-page amazing, full-blown, literature-based study of the Middle Ages. This freebie has all sorts of resources and a guide that will help you through your lessons. The free guide will give you monthly, weekly, and daily instructions that include an introduction, procedures, suggested books and movies, people to study, […]

FREE Minibooks and Links Staged for World War II


Looking for some history resources this year on World War II? These World War II homeschool history quick facts minibooks and links will work great as a supplement to your lesson. The free minibooks for a unit study and lapbook can create a fun change to your lessons plans. The kids will be able to research […]

Fantastic Giveaway plus 6 FREE Resources


WINNING a Lifetime Download Club subscription to award winning means gaining instant access to thousands of quality teaching resources for PreK-12th Grade! Lynda (owner of has had one of the best summers of her life and feels very blessed. That’s why she has decided to bless 3 people with Lifetime Download Club subscriptions. […]

2018-2019 Printable Homeschool Planner


Do you want to get your homeschool year more organized? Use this 2018-2019 printable homeschool planner to plan your year out beautifully.    With a beautiful design this homeschool planner has over 10 sections! Sections include reading charts, report cards, attendance chart, yearly goals, yearly supply sheet, homeschool resource page, curriculum sheet, weekly schedule, weekly plans […]

FREE Date Dash Vietnam-Vietnamese History Card Game

Date Dash Vietnam-Vietnamese History Card Game

In what year was the kingdom of Au Lac founded? In what year did the French capture the city of Da Nang? Test your knowledge of the history of Vietnam with this free printable card game. All thirty-six questions include two levels of difficulty, so it’s perfect for middle school or high school. Or, combine it with other […]

FREE China Activity Pack (Limited Time Freebie)


Learn how to teach your homeschool about China, and grab an awesome free resources to do so. This is a limited time freebie; so, grab it while you can. China is one of the four ancient civilizations and a really unique country to study. There are countless ways to incorporate history and geography into your […]