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Simple Ways to Teach Map Skills in your Homeschool


Check out these super simple ways to teach map skills in your homeschool. If you are teaching your kids map skills then know that reading a map is a life skill that will serve them well in many areas of life. These simple ideas help teach map skills by interweaving them into your everyday  life. With […]

FREE Printable Pride and Prejudice Movie Study


With this movie study, your homeschool can learn more about the Georgian Era, the era when the film’s story took place. Inside the study, there is a Q&A sheet dedicated to teaching more about this time period, movie discussion questions (to ensure your student paid attention and understood what was going on) and a compare & contrast […]

FREE Printable Timeline Notebook


Use this free printable timeline notebook for your middle school and high school homeschool. Poster board timelines or abbreviated notebook versions of the timeline period work well for elementary aged students. However, once your child hits middle school, you want them to use a complete timeline notebook that they can add to and refer to […]

FREE Timeline of Nunavut History

Timeline of Nunavut History

Nunavut is the newest territory of Canada. It is located in the far north and is considered to be part of the Arctic region. Nunavut makes up about one-fifth of the land area of Canada and is an important source of natural resources including diamonds, copper, gold, silver, and uranium. Enjoy this free 7-page Canadian history printable, […]

FREE “How To Draw The States” eBook


Are you planning on studying the United States for Geography in your homeschool? If so, you will want to grab this freebie that will teach your children where each state is and how to draw them with borders and all!“How To Draw The States” gets your children very familiar with the borders of each state […]

Magic Treehouse FREEBIE

Magic Tree House Map

The Magic Treehouse books are super fun and lots of children love them. This free homeschool resource uses Magic Treehouse and is a great supplement for around-the-world studies. Grab this freebie: Magic Tree House maps – 8 pages of printable posters with books 1-55 mapped by continent. Click here to visit The Homeschool Resource Room and […]

FREE US History Videos for Kids


Your kids will love these great resources to learn about US History. This series of Liberty’s Kids videos are excellent to keep your homeschool intrigued. If you are studying US History, then these videos will be a hit with the kids to keep them interested and to make learning history fun. Learning about the United […]

FREE Leaders of World War II Essay Questions, Part Five

Leaders of World War II Essay Questions, Part Five

Challenge your students to go deeper in their studies of these leaders of World War II. Discover the lives of Peter Fraser, Chiang Kai-shek, John Curtin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Louis Mountbatten, and be challenged to think critically about the legacies these heroes of England, New Zealand, Australia, China, and the United States left behind. A short bio […]

Free Book That Helps Learners Memorize The States And Capitals In Alphabetical Order

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There are different ways to try to memorize all the US states and capitals. But not many of them are fun. And that can land learners in a state of despair. Well, perhaps the problem is that the right way hasn’t been found yet. In this unique ebook about US geography, there are two fun […]

Complete Living Book List for Teaching Ancient History


Explore a list of over 150 living books for teaching Ancient History, Geography, Archaeology, Geology, Missionary Stories, and much more. The master list of all the living books will provide a great guide/plan to use for your study of ancient history and a few other corresponding subjects (geography, archaeology, geology, and missionary studies, as well as […]