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FREE Lesson Plans: How The Supreme Court Works


The Supreme Court is the highest court in our country, located in Washington, DC. There are 3 branches to our Government and the Supreme Court is the head of the judicial branch. Supreme Court Justices are the ones who decide whether laws violate the Constitution and they are only in session from October to June […]

FREE U.S. State Study Printables: State Flowers, Bird and Trees

US State Studies_pin

Are you learning about the 50 States in your homeschool? Learning the different facts about each state can be so interesting and fun!My children have really enjoyed learning about the 50 States when we were doing US Geography. They were specifically interested in learning about the different flowers, birds, and trees of each state. This […]

50 States and Capitals Flash Cards


If you are on the look out for a fun way for your kids to memorize the states and capitals, then these flash cards are just what you need. They are fun, colorful, and they have the states and capitals all in one card. Use alongside your  lessons or for practice. Your kids will have all 50 states […]

FREE Critical Thinking Essay Questions About History 1850-1899, Volume 3

FREE Critical Thinking Essay Questions About History 1850-1899, Volume 3

Challenge your students to think critically about history with these essay questions. A brief overview of five major events and topics of the 1870s – the Montreal Bread Riots, the invention of telephone, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Otto von Bismarck and the German Confederation, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art – is given, followed by essay questions to […]

FREE World Landmarks Printable Activity


Learning about famous world landmarks is a fun geography and social studies lesson for kids of all ages. These free world landmarks 3-part cards and matching with Safari Toob activity will be great for your homeschool. Even preschoolers can learn landmarks. You can make it especially fun using Safari Ltd TOOB figurines and match them to the picture […]

FREE Ancient History Resources, Unit Studies & Printables

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History has always been a favorite subject to do with my children as there are so many fun ways to make it come alive. We love finding extra resources and printables to use with what we are studying. It seems to help solidify what we are learning and help them to understand and remember it. If […]

FREE American History Printables, Resources and Unit Studies

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History is one of our favorite subjects in our homeschool. I especially love teaching about the history of America! When we teach history, we love to add in extra printables and resources to make our studies more immersive. If you are learning about American History in your homeschool, you will love this huge list that we […]

FREE Date Dash New Zealand History Card Game

FREE Date Dash New Zealand History Card Game

In what year did Samuel Marsden open a mission at Rangihoua? In what year were four Māori seats created in the House of Representatives? Test your knowledge of the history of New Zealand with this free printable card game. All thirty questions include two levels of difficulty, so it’s perfect for middle school or high school. Or, combine […]

FREE 12-Page Comic Strip Template Illustrations for History


If your kids love comic books, but are struggling with history, then this freebie will be a hit. These comic strip illustrations for history will help kids sketch out what they are learning in their history lessons. This is a great alternative to taking notes. This will be a good way for you to know […]