Exploring Landmarks Unit Three

Exploring Landmarks Part Three

What special or historic events have taken place at the Alhambra? Who built Edinburgh Castle? Why was the Great Sphinx built? Explore these and many more questions with Exploring Landmarks Unit 3. Included are notebooking pages for each of the seven featured landmarks – Alhambra, Colosseum, Edinburgh Castle, Great Sphinx, Hoover Dam, Monticello, Sydney Harbor Bridge […]

Exploring Landmarks Unit Two

Exploring Landmarks Part Two

Why was Sydney Opera House built? Who built the Louvre? What special or historic events have taken place at the Brooklyn Bridge? These are just a few of the types of questions students can explore with this Exploring Landmarks notebooking unit. Included are notebooking pages for each of the seven featured landmarks – the Brooklyn Bridge, Red […]

FREE Printable 10 Patriotic Song for Children


Homeschooling is wonderful and has many, many benefits. However, some of the things that are easy to miss out on are patriotic songs and the flag pledges because these tend to be done in public groups. It doesn’t mean that they can’t be learned, it’s just that parents may have to be more purposeful in incorporating […]

Literature-Based, Hands-On Middle Ages Unit Study


Did you know there’s a way to study the Middle Ages without being bored to tears? You can do it by using this Middle Ages Unit Study! It’s literature-based and hands-on which means it’s not dry learning from a humongous textbook. (This is a Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling, so if this interests you, please […]

Famous Landmarks Google Earth I Spy FREE Printable Activity


This is such a cool idea. Your kids will love doing this fun geography activity. Did you know that you can search and find the different famous landmarks of the world on Google Earth? This activity will go great with a world geography study. There is a 30 Famous Landmarks I Spy with Google Earth printable […]

Color Through History-Limited Time Freebie!

History by the Decade-Color Through History

From flappers to the jitterbug, dot-coms to Y2K, share history with your kids as they color through history, one decade at a time! Each coloring book includes fun pictures to color as well as traceable copywork. Kids can get a taste of life in each decade and discover forgotten pieces of history. It’s a great […]

FREE Utah State History Printable

Utah History Printable

Utah is a state in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States. While many of the people live in the cities, and manufacturing is important to the economy, it is also a state with great natural  beauty. There are five national parks, many national monuments, numerous National Historic sites, three national forests that lie […]