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FREE Invertebrate Investigation Foldable for Middle Schoolers


Is your middle schooler studying Simple Invertebrates this year? There are one million kinds of invertebrates (animals without a back bone)! There are also lots of different vocabulary words and terminology to learn when you are studying about invertebrates. A great way to learn and remember things is by creating notebooking pages and lapbooks.Download this […]

FREE Math Cheat Sheet for grades 4-8!


Sometimes it’s hard to remember everything!If you have a struggling learner that needs a little help with math you will want this FREE Cheat Sheet! You’ll find conversions, abbreviations, simple formulas, Roman numerals, and more!Download your FREE Math Cheat Sheet HERE! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning […]

FREE Printable Form For Middle School Book Reports


Are you having your middle schooler do book reports this year? This is a simple book report form that is good to use for ALL books! There are three different versions that cover the same basic questions:Main CharactersSettingSummary for each chapter ( Main Events, Problems, Ideas, Etc:)Beginning and Ending EventsFavorite Part of BookPersonal Connection Download your FREE […]

FREE Printable Pack for Planning Your Highschool Electives


Planning for homschooling Highschool can be a lot of fun, especially when choosing electives! Plan Your High School Electives is a 3 step process of research, conversations with your teen, and a narrowing down of choices and how you will fulfill them.Step One: Checklist of High School Electives Options – an extensive list of options to […]