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FREE Shakespeare Essay Lesson Plans


Are you studying Shakespeare in your homeschool this year? Studying Shakespeare plays can be a great unit study. With this lesson students will write an essay about how the character in the play is relevant to today’s teen. It can also be used with ANY Shakespeare play!Download your FREE Shakespeare Relevancy Essay Plans HERE! Need […]

FREE Home and Life Management Printables


Are you teaching your older children about how to manage a home? If you are working with your older teens and teaching them about how to be organized and keeping a home these printables will be very helpful. It’s important to teach Home Ec and Home Management Skills to our children. Consider having your teens […]

FREE Parts of Speech Analysis


Are you needing to reinforce the parts of speech? Worksheets are great helps in reinforcing what your students are learning in their studies. Parts of speech can sometimes be difficult to understand. With this worksheet your students will analyze the different parts of speech with colored pencils. This will help them to be able to […]

FREE Ernest Hemingway Highschool Literature Study


Are you teaching American Literature in highschool this year? Ernest Hemingway is a major part of American Literature for the 20th Century. He definitely ranks at the top of the list for learning about him and his works. I found a great FREE study on Hemingway and his life. This particular study would be perfect […]

Homeschooling Crimes Series: The Mom Who Can’t Teach Math (because she failed it in Highschool)


This is the second post in our Homeschooling Crime Series!You may be wondering “what exactly is a homeschooling crime?” Basically it is something that no one would expect a homeschooler to commit or even admit to doing. Believe it or not, there are moms out there that struggle with different aspects of homeschooling their children. […]

FREE e-book 8/3 – 8/7 Finding A College by Lee Binz


FREE kindle book 8/3 – 8/7/2015 Finding a College by Lee Binz.Parents homeschooling high school sometimes get the feeling that the light at the end of the tunnel might just be a train heading straight at them! That train is called “college,” and one of the most angst-ridden tasks facing homeschooling families is choosing a college […]

Free Nautical Unit Study and Printables (Pre-K – Middle School)


Before summer is over, spend some time learning about all things nautical with Year Round Homeschooling’s Free Nautical Unit Study and printable packs! Inside their Free Pre-K Fun Pack you’ll find trace work pages, cut and paste activities, coloring pages and more! The K-2 Math Pack includes addition and subtraction worksheets (now with single, double and […]

Revise vs. Edit Writing Poster for Middle School


Are you teaching formal writing this year?When you are teaching formal writing it is important for your children to learn how to begin editing their own papers before they turn them in. I found this great freebies that gives your child simple instructions on how to edit and revise their own work!Grab your FREE Revise […]

FREE Lesson Plans for Teaching the Crucible in High School Literature


Are you putting together your own literature studies for your highschooler this year? The Crucible is an import piece of American Literature that is a favorite among English teachers. The Crucible lesson plans and activities below will engage high school students by uniting the text with the ideas of McCarthyism and “the red scare.”Get your […]

Spanish Irregular Verb Forms Word Search


Are your older students learning Spanish? Help your students to remember the different irregular verb forms in way that is not boring and dry. They can practice with this fun word search puzzle.Download your FREE Spanish Irregular Verb Forms Word Search HERE! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our […]