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FREE Printable Form For Middle School Book Reports


Are you having your middle schooler do book reports this year? This is a simple book report form that is good to use for ALL books! There are three different versions that cover the same basic questions:Main CharactersSettingSummary for each chapter ( Main Events, Problems, Ideas, Etc:)Beginning and Ending EventsFavorite Part of BookPersonal Connection Download your FREE […]

FREE Printable Pack for Planning Your Highschool Electives


Planning for homschooling Highschool can be a lot of fun, especially when choosing electives! Plan Your High School Electives is a 3 step process of research, conversations with your teen, and a narrowing down of choices and how you will fulfill them.Step One: Checklist of High School Electives Options – an extensive list of options to […]

FREE Community Service Tracking Printable


Does your teen need to track his/her community service hours? Is your teen participating in community service hours for American Heritage Girls, Boy Scouts or to earn a scholarship to college? Sometimes we get so busy and it’s hard to keep track of everything that they do. Help your teen keep track of their hours […]

FREE World Geography Plans for Highschool


Are you looking to teach your highschooler about World Geography? Harmony Art Mom has put together a free download of World Geography Plans for Highschool. These plans look great and I love the Classical/Charlotte Mason flair to them! Download your FREE World Geography Plans for Highschool HERE. Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, […]

FREE Forensic Science Curriculum for Highschool


Is your teen interested in Forensic Science? There is a completely FREE Forensic Science Curriculum for highschoolers! Forensics Illustrated is a comprehensive collection of all the resources collected, manufactured, and utilized by Brennon Sapp during his nine years of teaching Forensic Science to high school students. This information was published in its entirety in the […]

High School Journal Prompts from the World of Shakespeare


Are you wanting to incorporate writing with your study of Shakespeare? GREAT actors use many techniques to get inside the minds of their characters. With these Shakespeare journal prompts, high schoolers can learn firsthand how writing helps actors bring characters to life!Check out these awesome writing prompts for use with Shakespeare HERE! Need An Affordable […]