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FREE Scientific Writing Activity


Can your students write a clear and concise laboratory procedure? A key component of the scientific method is recording results. In this simple activity, the student will build  structure, and write instructions for how to build the structure. The student will then write instructions for how to build the structure. Download your FREE Can You […]

Write an Echo Verse Activity


Echo Verse is a type of poetry that’s been around since the time of Ancient Greece.In this unique style of poetry, one line is followed by one or two words that rhyme with all or part of the previous line’s last word. This activity will teach kids to write an Echo Verse of their own. […]

FREE Writing Bundle from Apologia Author Sharon Watson – $20 value


$20 freebie bundle from Apologia Author Sharon Watson for your middle & high school students!You can download this set $20 value – right now for free! Hurry though, this offer ends 8-21-15 @ 11:59PM EST! Please tell your friends about it tooThe two resources included are: “What’s Your Secret? Middle School Writing Prompts” & “What Are You Waiting For? […]

How to Make a Compass and Determine “North” FREE Middle School Printable


Are you looking for fun Geography activities? This fun activity gives you directions on how to make your own compass and determine “north”, as well as a printable to record your data! Download your FREE How to Make a Compass and Determine North Printable HERE! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and […]

Parts of a Paystub: Financial Literacy Lesson for Highschool


Are you teaching your highschoolers about personal finances? We love studying Economics. It is also important to incorporate some lessons on personal finances and managing money. I found this great lesson plan for learning about a paystub. This is great if your teen is getting their first job.In this lesson the students will identify components […]

Fahrenheit 451 Unit Study

Opened book on a table.

Do you like to do Literature Unit Studies with your older students? Fahrenheit 451 is a classic literature book that I believe to be a must read for every highschool student. Literature unit studies are fun to plan. I love to pick and choose which books my children read. Get your FREE Fahrenheit 451 Unit […]

Learn about our High School Writing and Literature choices for 11th Grade


We are going into our third year of homeschooling highschool and I am very excited for our choices this year! My son will be in 11th grade this year and we were in search of a good writing curriculum that covered everything he would need to prepare him for college. We have used a few […]

Zentangle Hearts Art Lesson for Middle/Highschool


Are you looking for some fun art projects for your older students? I love zentangles. I have seen lots of teens and adults creating and coloring in zentangles for stress relief and relaxation. They really are a fun way to doodle in an artistic way. This is an editable 16 page Powerpoint lesson on Zentangle […]