Planning Your High School Requirements with FREE Printable


Planning out four years of high school can be overwhelming, and honestly, even paralyzing. But it doesn’t have to be! If you’d like some soothing, practical, non-frenzied help in charting out a high school path for your student, you’re going to love this post and free printable. It will give you confidence to step onto the […]

Gardening Unit Study with FREE Printables


Looking for a way to expose your student to the joy of gardening? This Gardening Unit Study may be just the trick! It’s geared for a wide grade level range, and it packs a wallop by including math, science, social studies/geography, language arts, and visual arts!Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach […]

FREE Printable Human Anatomy Worksheet Pack


The handiwork of God as displayed in the human body is amazing to behold. If you’re covering anatomy or human health in your homeschool, this free, printable worksheet pack is a wonderful resource. It includes short-answer questions, fill-in-the-diagrams, and much more. 40 pages in all!Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach […]

FREE American Literature Anthology for a Limited Time


This American Literature Anthology is perfect for any Classical or Charlotte Mason Style Homeschool!This anthology of American Literature includes all of the essays, short stories, and poetry suggested for grades six and seven in Andrew Campbell’s The Latin-Centered Curriculum, plus a few of my own personal favorite American short stories. This would be an excellent […]

SAT and ACT Prep Options for Homeschoolers


Studying for the SAT and ACT can be extremely stressful and frustrating, especially for homeschool students who may not be used to big standardized tests.No matter how well your students do in their English or Math Curriculum at home, there is still not enough to prepare them for the actual test. You never know exactly […]

FREE Highschool Writing Prompt: What Would You Do with a Used Drone?


Are you looking for some fun and interesting writing prompts to get your kids to enjoy writing?If you have a student that is into technology and science, they will absolutely love this fun writing prompt and lesson on drones. Have you ever wondered what happens to used drones when they are done being used for […]

FREE Science Writing Prompts Printable Cards


Writing prompts can be extremely useful in teaching children how to write. They are also great because you can customize the prompts to whatever it is that you are learning at that time in your homeschool.I found some great printbale cards that are perfect for combining Science and writing together. This is the beauty of […]

FREE Highschool Numeracy Worksheets and Printables


Numeracy is an important part of any math curriculum. It is the back bone to really understanding math and being able to do the more difficult problems in the upper grades.I found some great worksheets and problems that will help your students to practice basic numeracy skills. These worksheets include : Arithmetic Skills (Addition, Substraction, […]

FREE Sustainable Agriculture Lesson for Grades 9-12


Everywhere we look there is an emphasis on nutritious food and good health. You and your high schooler can explore the origins of healthy food with this free lesson on Sustainable Agriculture! How is our food grown, harvested, processed, and distributed? Find out with these nine free lessons!Click here to access your free lessons! Need […]

Exclusive Discount on NEW Curriculum for High School (LIMITED TIME!)


Daniel Schwabauer, the creator of One Year Adventure Novel (high school) & Cover Story (middle school), is coming out with a new curriculum! Byline is an innovative academic writing curriculum for grades 8–12, and it’s releasing this summer! Keep reading for a pre-order coupon code just for Homeschool Giveaways subscribers! My daughter used Cover Story in 8th […]