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The Most Homeschool-Friendly Colleges by State

Homeschoolers are in high demand on many campuses across the nation, but what are the best colleges for homeschool graduates? To compile the map of the most homeschool-friendly college in each state, Alpha Omega Publications reviewed five different compilations of colleges and universities with a history of accepting homeschoolers.Just because a school is listed here […]

FREE Worksheet to Use with Any TED Talk for Middle and High School


Are you familiar with TED Talks? TED Talks offer many educational opportunities for our teens, and open up some great discussions as well. There are guest lectures on special topics that showcase some amazing public speakers. TED Talks are also a great way to learn about public speaking and give your teens some inspiration for public speaking. I […]

FREE Interactive Task Cards: Chemical or Physical Change?


Are you learning about reactions in your Science curriculum at home? Sometimes it can be hard to remember the differences between reactions.These free Boom Cards from Kristin Lee are geared for Middle School science students and will have them practice whether an event is a physical change or a chemical change. They will read an event or […]

Narnia and Middle Earth Free Writing Prompts for Middle School


Do your teens love reading fantasy books like The Chronicles of Narnia and anything from Tolkien?Narnia and Middle Earth are intriguing and wonderful places to visit, if your children love escaping in these books they will really enjoy these fun writing prompts from Writing with Sharon Watson. She has put together a great compilation of […]

FREE Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Highschool Adulting Skills for Teens

Woman doing housework with scrubs bucket and detergents

Teaching our teens adult life skills is a very important part of the homeschool highschool years. Learning life skills is something I am so thankful that I am able to teach my teens at home. When teaching them at home I am able to tailor these different teaching moments to their interests and what I […]

FREE Homeschool High School Podcast: Allowing Teens to Fail

Isolated beautiful woman has forget an appointment

Navigating the highschool years can be so difficult some times. We want our teens to learn responsibility and we need to teach them how to be organized and how to stay on task to get all of their work and assignments done.  Sometimes our teens will fail, and that is okay. I remember when my […]

Engineering Prosthetic Tails FREE Lesson Plan for Middle School


I love finding fun STEM activities for my older students to get them excited about the STEM field and experiment with different types of science activities. We are loving the free lesson plans and unit studies from Engineering is Elementary. This engineering curriculum is geared for grades 6-8 and will help your students tackle real […]