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FREE Homeschooler’s Guide to Teaching Highschool Math


Learning how teach highschool subjects can be a pretty daunting task to a homeschool mom that is new to teaching highschool. Math is one of those subjects that has always freaked me out! Thankfully there are so many helps available so that you don’t get overwhelmed!There are several ways to go about teaching High School […]

How to Create a Simple Homeschool Middle School Planner


The Middle School years are a great way to introduce your teens used to planning and keeping a schedule. Their work load starts to get heavier and it really helps prepare them for highschool. Depending on the maturity and organization of my teens I have them start to use their very own planner by 7th or […]

How to Create a Filmmaking Elective for a Highschool Co-op

The operator photographer takes on a professional camera interviews in the mass celebration.

Career Exploration electives are a great way to have our teens learn about different careers that they be interested in. These types of electives also look super on a high school transcript. If you are in a homeschool co-op that offers highschool classes then this is a great way to let your teens experience unique […]

FREE Book Review Writing Prompts for High School Students


With the internet being our go to source for information, reviews are very important. Many of us check reviews for anything before we make an online purchase. A fun activity for your teens is to have them learn how to write reviews by writing a book review. This is much different than a standard book report […]

FREE Car Maintenance Lesson for Teens: Winterize Your Car


Do you have a teen that is about to start driving, or one that is already driving, but about to leave on their own? Car Maintenance is an important life skill that we need to teach our teens before they leave the nest. I wish I was taught some of these maintenance lessons.This car maintenance […]

How to Create a Paragraph FREE Printable Chart for Middle School


Does your teen have trouble coming up with ideas to put into paragraphs? Do they get easily overwhelmed and need help organizing their individual paragraphs?If you have a child that struggles staying on task with their writing and needs some organizational help this chart from Writing With Sharon Watson should be a great help to […]

FREE Wood Cabinetry Tips and Techniques Class


Do you have a teen that is interested in learning about woodwork and cabinetry? I found a great free class that will be perfect for a teen that is interested in woodworking! Start constructing cabinets like a pro, and gain the skills you need to tackle your own build in this free class from Craftsy! […]

FREE Middle School Scientific Method Coin Lab Printables

Coin Lab Slide

Are you learning about the Scientific Method in your middle school Science curriculum? Labs are a great way to help solidify the scientific method and what it really is. Your children will get a chance to apply the scientific method like a real scientist would in a laboratory. This free lab from Making it as a […]

High School Electives Perfect for Tech-Savvy Teens


Do you have a teen that is passionate about technology? I had a son like that, all he wanted to do was computer classes. So that’s what we did! He took so many different computer classes throughout his homeschool high school years, and how he is in college for Computer Network Engineering!Technology can be a […]