FREE Bible Charades Printables


Everyone loves a good old game of charades. I have never thought to play Bible Charades before. Bible charades seems like the perfect family game night. I really love this idea. The game is exactly like the traditional version of charades, but the topic is limited to things from the Bible. There are four categories in the game: […]

FREE The Better Editor Game


Teaching writing is not always an easy task. It is especially difficult to teach your students how to edit their own work and check their own grammar mistakes. If you struggle with editing papers and this game will teach your students how to edit their own their own writing AND it will make it easier for […]

Survival Themed Books and FREE Unit Studies for Tweens and Teens

Survival Themed Books and FREE Unit Studies

My older children have always enjoyed reading survival and outdoor adventure books!Our family loves nature. We go camping and hiking at least once a month. It’s just natural for us to be drawn towards good books and stories that teach about surviving in the great outdoors!  Some of our favorite books tell great stories of adventure […]

Technology Writing Prompts for Teens


If you have teens that love technology more than writing, than these writing prompts will be perfect for them!This set of technology writing prompts for teens will help your middle and high school students think about ways technology impacts our lives. What if they had to do without a favorite device or gadget? What if they owned a personal robot? What […]

Planning Your High School Requirements: Core Courses


It’s that time of year again. Summer break means school planning for most homeschool moms that I know!If you are homeschooling a highschooler this Fall, you will probably be doing a ton of planning! There is so much to plan and do when you have an older student. You want to make sure that you […]

Life Skills as High School Electives Shop Class: Basic Household Repairs for Teens


I always feel the pressure for my children to be learning academics. I’m afraid that I’ve let some of the important life skills training slip just so we can get our book work completed and arrive everywhere on time. It’s a struggle.It’s important for our children to know a noun from a verb, but it’s […]

The 5 Things Tweens and Teens Should Know About Negative Thinking

The 5 Things Teens Negative Thinking (2)

Negative thinking can effect your mental and physical health. It can even effect those closest to you.Sometimes tweens and teens struggle with negative thoughts. This is especially common when lots of hormones come into play. This is something that is very important to discuss with our teens. If you have older children that struggle with […]