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U.S. Presidents’ Quotes- FREE Printable Writing Prompts


With all these talks buzzing around about the mid-term elections, I thought I might as well share these super cool writing prompts for the sake of politics.These FREE set of creative writing prompts and notebooking pages from the quotes of U. S. Presidents will be a good way to get kids interested in being informed. […]

Preparing Your Middle Schooler for High School


Is this this your child’s last year of middle school? Do you wonder if your child will be fully prepared for high school? If so, these essential skills to prepare your middle school student for high school will come in extremely handy throughout the year. I think it is nerve wrecking for most of us, […]

Teach Kids to Code with these 6 Genius Ideas


There are a few super genius ways kids can learn to code in their adolescent years. This super mega post is filled with information for why and how a kid should learn to code. Many techie kids are curious about learning to program and code. Technology continues to play a bigger and bigger role in […]

Earning College Credit by Exam


Through the credit by examination process, high schoolers can earn college-level credits in some subject areas by passing a standardized proficiency exam. There are testing centers nationwide and hundreds of higher learning institutions accepting credit by exam. It looks like many homeschoolers are catching on and taking this route. I “tested out” of a few classes […]

FREE 100+ High School Subject Options


Planning your teens homeschooling throughout their High School years isn’t as hard as you may think. There are so many options for their education – the sky truly is the limit! This Free 100+ High School Subject Options printable from Year Round Homeschooling will help you get started. Stop by Year Round Homeschooling to download […]

Fantastic Giveaway plus 6 FREE Resources


WINNING a Lifetime Download Club subscription to award winning CHSH-Teach.com means gaining instant access to thousands of quality teaching resources for PreK-12th Grade! Lynda (owner of CHSH-Teach.com) has had one of the best summers of her life and feels very blessed. That’s why she has decided to bless 3 people with Lifetime Download Club subscriptions. […]

FREE Highschool Transcript Printables and Planning Helps

High School Transcript_pin

A question I have gotten often when people find out that I homeschool, is if I plan on homeschooling through high school. With the way our local school system is, and not being able to afford private school homeschooling has always been our plan and I didn’t fear the highschool years, but fully embraced them.Of […]