Fun Unit Studies Resources for Homeschoolers

FREE Animal Report Worksheets


 Are you planning a trip to the zoo this year or would like your kids to learn more about animals? Consider having them research their own animal and write a report about it!I love these worksheets! They are so flexible! When your child is studying about their animal it can turn into a geography study […]

Learning the Five Senses Series: FREE Resources and Ideas – Sense of Hearing

Little girl listening to music on headphones in a summer park.

This is the last last post in our Five Senses Series! The Five Senses are so much fun to teach to little ones. There are so many great sensory activities to go along with learning about the five senses. Each week we will highlight each of the senses with fun activities, printables and crafts.This week […]

The Ultimate List of Tea Party Ideas and Freebies!

We love having tea parties in our homeschool! They can really make a normal “school day” so much more enjoyable and sweet!My girls love to have tea parties. Since they were toddlers, they liked to dress up and get out their stuffed animals and baby dolls and have pretend tea with them. Even now as […]

FREE Writing a News Article Middle School Unit


Teach your Middle Schoolers how to write a newspaper article with this fun unit lesson plan.Make writing fun, by having your kids create their very own newspaper article! This 15 page unit will teach your students the basics of writing a newspaper article. It includes the main elements of a news article, writing headlines, writing […]

FREE Native Americans – Pacific Northwest Hands on History Unit


I found a perfect hands on unit study to supplement learning about Native Americans. This unit study comes with lots of free printables and directions to create your very own totem pole. There are Pacific Northwest tribe printable books, Comparing different Native American tribes worksheets, books to read, field trip ideas and more!Download your FREE […]

Teaching Tall Tales Freebies and Ideas


Do your kids like “tall tales”? The stories are so wild and a lot of fun to teach! As I was scouring Pinterest this past week, I came across some printables for Paul Bunyan and Johnny Appleseed. It reminded me of stories that I learned when I was in school. It got me thinking that […]

Free Printable “Talk-to-Sister Worksheet” for Boys with Asperger’s


This is a thoughtful worksheet designed to help boys with Asperger’s develop conversational skills with girls. Boys with Asperger’s and other autism spectrum disorders often find the world of typical girl interests completely bewildering. These free worksheets are designed with the visual learner in mind and offers ways to teach boys how to converse with young ladies. “Talk-to-Mom” […]